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Almost 20 years have passed since his last role in the cinema, within the film Welcome to Mooseport, a political satire where he played a former president of the United States who retires after two terms in office. The one that was his final role appears in this 2004 film, and since then the actor has hardly been seen again, although there is one or another exception that has occasionally taken him back, even if it is not in unpublished content. Gene Hackman He said goodbye to his acting career and since then has been enjoying life, away from Hollywood for reasons that have nothing to do with the failure at the box office of the last story he starred in.

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For almost five decades, Gene Hackman, whose full name is Eugene Allan HackmanIt was a staple of American cinema. During that time, the California-born actor won four Golden Globes, two BAFTAs, an Actors Guild Award, and two Academy Awards while starring in films such as Contact in France – 98%, Mississippi in Flames – 89%, The conversation – 98%, Hoosiers: More than Idols, The unforgivables – 95%, The Eccentric Tenenbaums – 80%, and many others. However, since the early 2000s, we haven’t seen or heard much from the actor.

First of all, Hackman retired, which explains why we haven’t seen him in recent years. His last role was in the forgettable movie Welcome to Mooseport, which was a failure but was of no consequence to the actor because he had already planned to leave acting. On one occasion he told Reuters that he knew that he never gave a press conference or any statement to announce his retirement, but also told the outlet that he was not going to act anymore. At that time, he assured that he had asked him not to say that in case an incredible role came up, but he only said that he was not interested in continuing to act.

We cannot deny that it is tempting to speculate on the reasons for Hackman’s retirement; after all, Sean Connery He retired from acting at a similar age and around the same time. There are those who have believed that he always had to see his last film, but the actor has mentioned several things: there is what he said to Reuters about the fact that he was not interested in continuing acting, but also said at one point that he does not miss the movie business in the sense that he does not like everything that happens behind the scenes, which can be “very painful”, although he did like to share the set with other actors. But he also said, according to Independent, that at that age he was not interested in playing grandparents, and that he believed that at that time that was the role in which they were going to pigeonhole him.

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However, according to Empire there is another truth that is much more shocking than that. In an exclusive interview that the magazine managed to do with this actor in 2020, the last straw was actually a stress test he did in New York, where a doctor warned him that his heart was not in the way it should. put it under pressure. Apparently, Gene Hackman He never lied about how he felt when he left acting or about the reasons he gave, very valid by the way, but being told that by a doctor had a lot of weight in the decision to retire at the age of 74.

Since then, the Hollywood legend has kept busy with other tasks. While he spends some of his time on common tasks such as watching movies at home that his wife rents (which includes marveling at the low-budget cinema), painting, fishing, or seeing what it has to offer. Comedy Central On a Friday night, she also has other activities that she does in her spare time, like writing books. Or rather, said co-writing books.

Long before his retirement, Hackman plunged into a secondary career as a co-author and partnered with his neighbor and friend, Daniel Lenihan, in a series of historical adventure novels. In a way, to say that it is a completely new career is somewhat false because the first, Wake Of The Perdido Star, came out in 1999, when Hackman was still making movies, while the second, the courtroom drama Justice For None, was released in 2004, right after Hackman left acting. His last collaboration with Lenihan was published in 2008, under the title of Escape from Andersonville: A Novel of the Civil War.

But Gene Hackman He has also released more recent works where he is the only writer, since in 2011 he presented Payback at Morning Peak: A Novel of the American West and did the same in 2013 with Pursuit, a thriller starring a detective who hunts a predator who has kidnapped her daughter.

Recently, the actor was trending on Twitter because a photo of him appeared and his fans were happy to see him. Despite retiring in 2004, his followers have not gotten over the fact that he has walked away from acting, so that image surely brightened the day of many. What no one knew, and was later revealed, is that the photo that was shared on Twitter in 2021 is actually from 2019, and this was mentioned by Newsweek.

A recent photo of Gene Hackman
A recent photo of Gene Hackman

The photo was actually captured two years ago thanks to the actor being hired by Official Pix to do a private autograph signing. This company has worked with numerous Hollywood stars and thanks to it its fans can access all kinds of memorabilia with the signature of their favorite actors, and that was why the rare appearance of Gene Hackman, who was surely very requested by his fans. In April 2021 he also participated in another autograph signing for the same site, which shows that the public has not forgotten him despite his absence on the screen. After all, not only have his performances won him awards, but some of the roles he has played, such as Lex Luthor in Superman: The Movie – 93%They will hardly allow it not to be remembered.

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