We’ve already seen the trailer for ‘Avatar: Sense of Water’, and it seems to be everything we were promised

There is no other way than to find it sad that a talented director like James Cameron, who has given us movies like the multi-Oscar-winning titanica (1997) or Avatar (2009), it took so long to have a new fiction film ready. Just like Stanley Kubrick, saving the distances. Of course, there are good reasons; get the specific visual technology your ambition wants for the liquid sequel to the second. And we have already been able to see the trailer for Avatar: The Water Sense (2022), and it seems that this purpose is achieved.

As the date approaches premiere, the distant December 16 of this same year in which the condemned coronavirus continues to be a tiresome danger, the desire to see if it was worth it our infinite patience with the Canadian director they are increasing. And, although the truth is that the trailer from Avatar (the first installment) did not reach us until the summer of that time, this time you will be able to take a look at his right prior to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).

We, in fact, have seen it in the same way, prior to the press screening in which we have gobbled up the contribution of sam raimi to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; with the 3-D glasses on. One did not predict that James Cameron would be willing to reveal much of the story of Avatar: The Water Sense, which he has co-written with Josh Friedman, so soon, and so it is; doesn’t do it at all, and keep what the synopsis hides for a better occasion.

James Cameron has gotten what he wanted for ‘Avatar: Sense of Water’

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The images that happen on the screen serve to intuit several things about the film thanks to the trailer. The most obvious is that not only has the director achieved his laudable goal of offering us great visual realism in the underwater environment with motion capture, motion capture either mocapbut the landscapes of the planet Pandora and the planning with which they will be shown to us would be so beautiful sure to take your breath away.

Especially when James Cameron us had assured in April 2010 that this “different setting” would be “just as rich, diverse, crazy and imaginative” as the jungle in the first feature film. He did not mean that we forgot about her, but that he wished he could teach more corners and details of this alien world in Avatar: The Water Sense. And, lastly, it allows us to glimpse that once again there will be action and adventure, serious threats and thrills for the enjoyment of the respectable.

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We’ve already seen the trailer for ‘Avatar: Sense of Water’, and it seems to be everything we were promised