Waterworld will have a sequel in series form

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Maybe it took 30 years, but Waterworld will finally have its desired sequel. Magazine Collider reports that a series based the mythical movie of 1995’s Kevin Costner is in development, Y that will resume the history of the film 20 years after its end. The director of 10 Cloverfield Lane Y The Boys, Dan Trachtenberg, will be in charge of directing it.

“We are not 100% sure about the focus of the series. But it is final, yes we are in the construction stages at that time, “said John Fox, producer of the series. along with John Davis. Davis produced the original film directed by Kevin Reynolds that cost 180 million dollars in 1995, the most expensive film in history at that time. moment, and how only collection $ 80 million in Estados Unests.

The series is being produced by Universal Television and is reportedly close to being offered to a streaming platform, although Fox and Davis did not confirm which one. No one else has joined the project besides Trachtenberg, but things already they are on. “And ha” signed already, we are working on the story now and we’re talking to different scriptwriters. CI think we should have one closed in the next two weeks”Fox said.

Waterworld tells the story of a future where the polar ice caps have melted, covering with water all the land. The main character is Kevin Costner, a man half fish, half human, who reluctantly joins a woman already a little girl (Jeannie Tripplehorn and Tina Majorino) as the young I could have a map that would take them to the mainland and that everyone is looking for. Although the film did not have a very great reception for the expectations generated, over the years it has become in a cult movie.

This version of the story would keep that movie as canon and will just pick up the story later. “Let’s do the continuation of that movie, ”Davis said. “Twenty years later. All those people, 20 years later “. Now it seems doubtful that Let’s see Costner again in his original role, although it would not be bad for him to make a cameo.