VIDEO | Sylvia Pasquel is at odds with Alejandra Guzmán?; the actress breaks the silence

On August 29, the actress Silvia Pineapple received a well-deserved tribute at the Palace of Fine Arts organized by his daughter Sylvia Pasquel. At the event, which recognized the entire artistic career of the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinemafriends from the union were present, as well as part of his family, including Alexandra Guzman.

After the participation of Stephanie Rooms with the mini staging of “Hello, Dolly!” everyone expected Enrique Guzmán’s daughter to make her appearance on stage with some number, but it was not like that. She was simply as a spectator enjoying the recognition of her mother; she only at the end she said to him, almost on her knees, a few phrases of affection.

Everything was going smoothly, but when he opened his dialogue with the phrase “Well, it was not my turn to sing”, everyone speculated that there were problems within the Pinal Dynastyespecially among sisters Sylvia Pasquel Y Alexandra Guzman. This was immediately questioned to the first as soon as she had contact with the press; however, she categorically denied it.

Is Sylvia Pasquel at odds with Alejandra Guzman?

This Monday, September 12 Silvia Pineapple He has long tablecloths, because he celebrated his 91st birthday and as expected, the tabloid press ran to find out the details of the celebration that he will have throughout the day. In the same way, they did not overlook the supposed enmity that exists between Alexandra Guzman Y Sylvia Pasquel.

In front of the microphones, the actress assured that she is satisfied with her mother’s tribute in beautiful Artswell, he fulfilled what he promised and although he knew that good and bad things would happen, that was “outside, but really what happened at the family level and at the level, my mother, that is something unforgettable and that is what I am left with “, he highlighted.

Silvia Pinal surrounded by her family in Fine Arts (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Regarding his relationship with Alexandra Guzman She said that she is fine and if she did not appear it was because she decided so, because the Pasquelhe said, he complied with making the call: “in the end I call and the one who gets on the train, gets on and the one who doesn’t, neither…”, he mentioned in front of the microphones.

“They have always wanted to antagonize us and as much as they antagonize us there is the cover of Hello and they also did a behind the scenes and you will see that we were playing, laughing. Ale was finishing the whole box of tissues because of what he was sweating, because he had put on a sweater. Funny things that happened to us as a family, well, if you insist on fighting, what can I do?

Sylvia Pasquel, actress


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VIDEO | Sylvia Pasquel is at odds with Alejandra Guzmán?; the actress breaks the silence