‘Venom 2’ could go to 2022 and ‘Eternals’ is surrounded by uncertainty

The situation looks difficult in the United States. This is the main reason for this new wave of distrust and origin of the domino effect that seems to lurk around the corner. A) Yes, A complicated autumn is coming due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, a highly contagious strain that is currently on the rise in this leading country on the film scene. Let’s face it: most of the great North American proposals are not willing to subsist on international premieres and give up the domestic market, hence the instability to settle again in the studies.

At the top of this dance of dates about to explode (again), we find ‘Venom: There will be carnage‘, a Sony film that has opened a Pandora’s box full of uncertainty. This second adventure headed by Tom Hardy has already bet on a new delay: from September 24 to October 15, and had already surrounded himself with rumors that pointed to yet another change. Now the American medium Vulture adds that this superheroic proposal I would be thinking of jumping into next year, directly. The possibility is not surprising. The health crisis continues to worsen on the other side of the pond, but also the box office of summer blockbusters it has not managed to raise the matter too much.

In the case of ‘Jungle Cruise‘, released simultaneously on Disney +, the little more than 34 million dollars that it raised in its first weekend in North American cinemas (figure to which must be added another 30 million dollars from Premium Access in the aforementioned streaming platform) marked a not very optimistic outlook. It cost 200 million to produce the adventure starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, and at least another 100 would have been earmarked for the promotion. Then came ‘The Suicide Squad‘, And more of the same. Released in theaters and HBO Max, the version of James Gunn developed hand in hand with more than 180 million, raised just 26.5 million in the US and Canada during its first three days. Well, the thing is not working on wheels.

It doesn’t look very good

Sony has sent ‘Hotel Transilvania: Transformanía‘directly to the platform, that is, his pulse does not tremble when betting on new changes. Vulture ensures that their sources take for certain the new rumors of the jump to 2022 that would star in ‘Venom 2’, comments fueled by the “suspicious” absence of promotional material about this symbiote at CinemaCon. A surprise pass from ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond‘, the trailer from Spider-Man: No Way Home, but Venom … Nothing. January 21, 2022, date currently occupied by ‘Morbius‘, vampiric proposal led by Jared Leto, It would be the day that the study for ‘Venom 2’ would be raised. Next to this cloud that stalks the next Sony, we find the pressure with which it opens’Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. And is that Disney would be thinking whether you keep ‘Eternals’ on November 5 or not, all depending on the collection of the film presentation for the character of Simu Liu. We will see how the matter develops.