“Vamos de cu …”: Colombians don’t see ‘Lokillo’ movie and he jokes at their disappointment

When the rooms were opened Who Colombia, ‘Lokillo’ I was very happy for, after waiting for more than a year, to be able to show the country the movie ‘My other self’, in which he is the protagonist and plays a couple of characters.

The audiovisual production was recorded before the pandemic and, although he had very high expectationss facing what was going to happen, things seem to be not going the best way.

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While recovering from COVID-19, Yédinson, his real name, has been finding out how the public has been received in movie theaters, since people are known to be coming to this place to see the movies that are on the bill.

However, the response he received was not the best, at least for what he had budgeted for in the middle of the month, when the largest movie theaters in the country were reactivated.

“I called to ask how I was going to ask my movie (laughs). Let’s go… People are going to the movies, but not to see Colombian films but those from abroad, ”he told his followers on Instagram.

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‘Lokillo’ makes fun of ‘competition’ and is wrong

Showing off the humor that characterizes him and that has allowed him to transcend the Colombian scene, the Antioqueño made some rhymes with what is happening.

Do not be ‘cruel’, I have pawned to the hoop. If they continue like this, I’m going to go fast and furious (laughs). Lies, to the people who have come to see her, thank you“, ‘Lokillo’ told them.

However, he himself realized his mistake, since it is ‘The Conjuring’ the movie that is in theaters competing with ‘My other self’, ‘Fast and furious 9’ and other international productions that Colombians see night after night in movie theaters.