Unrecognizable !: That’s how handsome Andrés García was when he was young and early in his career | PHOTOS

Andres Garcia, who is remembered for his performance in films such as “Pedro Navaja” and “Chanoc”, has dedicated more than half of his life to the world of performance where it made its way in the late 1960s.

As he has revealed on more than one occasion, his parents escaped from the Civil War in Spain to live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; However, they later arrived in Guerrero, Mexico, a state in which Andrés García worked as a boatman and where he was discovered by producers, who helped him make his great leap to fame.

Andrés García is remembered for his penetrating gaze. (Photo: @

The first movie he starred in Luis Miguel’s “father”, who called him that affectionate, was “Chanoc” and little by little he gained ground in Mexican soap operas, which placed him as one of the gallants of the seventies. Well, in addition to his innate talent for acting, he was always recognized for being one of the most handsome men on the screen.

Although many generations remember his golden years, the 80-year-old actor He has also managed to win over the younger population, either because of his controversial statements or because of his closeness to his fans on his YouTube channel, where he usually answers some of the most frequent questions from his subscribers.

The actor did not usually wear his famous mustache. (Photo: @

Tanned and muscular: This is Andrés García as a young man

However, it is precisely the new generations who probably they do not know what the actor looked like when the producers first discovered him and although his features have changed little over the years, there is no denying that looks unrecognizable.

Something that has always characterized the also a friend of Vicente Fernández is the piercing look of her green eyes and charming smile, but one of the elements that stands out today and that he preferred to hide during his youth is his famous mustache, which over the years became gray.

Being one of the actors most admired by the public and who stole the hearts of women, his muscles and tanned skinas well as her curly black hair.

His first film was “Chanoc”. (Photo: @


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Unrecognizable !: That’s how handsome Andrés García was when he was young and early in his career | PHOTOS