Unpublished: Tom Cruise’s personal car with his belongings is stolen during the filming of Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise is an American actor and film producer, winner of three Golden Globe Awards, who has given much to talk about because he suffered an unexpected robbery. The actor is recognized for having starred in films of great critical and commercial success such as “Top Gun”, “The color of money”, “Rain Man”, “The last samurai”, “The war of the worlds”, and the saga of “Mission Impossible“, among other.

Cruise He is considered one of the highest paid and most influential actors in Hollywood since in 2020 he had a net worth of 570 million dollars being classified as the second richest actor in the world by Forbes magazine. His successful films, especially those of “Mission Impossible”Have raised in total more than 4,000 million dollars in the United States and more than 10,000 million dollars worldwide, making Tom in one of the highest grossing actors in the film industry of all time.