Unmissable: The Locations Where Outlander Season 5 Was Filmed

The fifth season of Outlander just arrived at the streaming service Netflix and already captivated all his fans, who left great reactions on social media and they await the sixth part, which is currently filming. While we wait for the continuation of the story, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, We invite you to review the most important locations that were used for filming, depending on the site Find That Location. Do not miss it!

Scotland was the country where the filming of Season 5 took place. Matthew B. Roberts, executive producer, noted that He plays pranks on his North Carolina fans as the scenery tricks them into saying they are filming there, but it’s actually a Trossachs site.

+ Outlander season 5 was filmed in these locations

8. Mount Fraser

The site used for Fraser’s Ridge, Claire and Jamie’s iconic North Carolina home, is Hill of Row. This cabin is located near the statue in memory of David Stirling, more specifically in a wooded area, being a place of difficult access.

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7. The camp

The camp scenes in season five with Murtagh and the rebels were filmed in Mine Woods, on the Allan Bridge. The location was perfect for the production, as it provides good tree cover for a hidden location.

6. North Carolina forests

One of the most picturesque places, which in fiction is the forests of North Carolina, is actually Braan Falls, in Scotland. The river from that location flows through Perthshire’s Hermitage Forest, which we see in episodes 11 and 12.

5. The fight scene

Stephen Bonnet’s fight scene was filmed at The Mart in East Linton. The actors shot the scenes in East Lothian’s unique location, a historic building that has been carefully renovated into an event venue and farm shop.

4. Brianna’s rescue scene

This rescue, which was seen in episode 10, was filmed on the beach between Dunbar and North Berwick. At the end of 2019, Sophie Skelton, Ed Speleers and Richard Rankin filmed on the beach in East Lothian, in addition, they took the opportunity to take shots in a place that you cannot see the city.

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3. Scenes from the 60s

The exterior shots of Claire and Frank’s apartment building in Boston were filmed on Dowanhill Street in Glasgow. We didn’t see much of the 20th century this season, so the city’s architecture has given way to more North Carolina settlements. Also, Queen’s Park appears in a flashback.

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2. Church of the 1960s

The church scenes from Episode 5 were filmed in Paisley, Glasgow. Claire prays in the Catholic building for one of her patients and is inspired to weigh her priorities from the 1960s and her past. Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church is known for its Gothic architecture and with its appearance it fits the series.

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1. Carigh na Dun

Carigh da Dun from the show is actually Kinloch Rannoch in Perth and Kinross. Since the first season it is one of the most iconic places, and the magic stone circle has returned as a filming location for the latest installment. In real life there are no standing stones, but you can visit it because it is a place that can be seen in a great way.

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