Unmissable documentaries on Netflix depending on what you want to see

Each and every one for each moment according to how you feel and want. (NETFLIX)

Slowly Netflix has been creating an impressive catalog of diverse content on its platform and, although it is mostly aimed at original series and movies, the reality is that it is beginning to expand its range of documentaries. If you are a follower of true stories and you have the time, the disposition and the desire to enjoy a very good production, but you do not know what to see, we give you a list of options with unmissable documentaries.

Money: Trust nobody

When the young founder of a collapsing digital currency unexpectedly dies, furious investors suspect a cat is in the bag. (NETFLIX)

Trust nobody tells that, in 2018, during his honeymoon in India, a few days after changing his will, Gerry Cottenthe CEO of QuadrigaCXthe main firm of cryptocurrency investments from Canada, died unexpectedly. To the grave he took the access password to some USD 250 million of his more than 75,000 clients. The money literally vanished in the cyberair.

Meal: the divine gluttony

This docuseries is an ode to those delicious dishes that are worth trying no matter how much hype they are. A series about food that Mexicans love to hate. (NETFLIX)

The production focuses on Mexico and takes a tour of the delicious dishes of this country, but which are not healthy at all. Actually, they are all quite eccentric.

The first season has six chapters, in which the owners and workers of different places tell how they prepare some of their most striking dishes. And only in the trailer can viewers understand what they will find: “They will say that we are crazy in Mexico because of what we eat,” is heard in the first seconds of the preview. Later, preparations from another world appear, such as a hamburger with 15 floors of meat, a 50-centimeter hot dog, tacos inside a cake and desserts that no one would imagine.

Fraud: The Tinder scammer

The infamous Tinder scammer” has seduced and deceived many young women for large sums of money, and has become a fugitive from justice in several countries. (NETFLIX)

simon leiev is the name used by the subject in question to meet women on the dating app, where he posed as the son of a billionaire diamond tycoon. Once he seduced his victims with a life of luxury, which included world travel and expensive gifts, he began to borrow money from them with the excuse that his life was in danger, he was persecuted by the diamond mafia and he had to manage paying in cash so as not to be tracked.

They, believing that they had met the man of their dreams, the Prince Charming of fairy tales, ran to the rescue of their beloved, delivering large sums that he squandered to dazzle his new victims. Obviously, the women, some deeply indebted, began to demand the return of the money, which, as they will be able to deduce, had already been spent. There were so many victims that they even joined together and managed to bring him to justice to be held accountable. The case took international control.

Mystery: The worst housemates in the world

Highlights four heartbreaking stories of roommates. (NETFLIX)

From Blumhouse Televisionthe new five-part documentary series Worst Roommate Ever in English, highlights four harrowing stories of seemingly harmless roommates, who become real-life nightmares for their unsuspecting victims, when their malevolent and sometimes violent intentions are revealed.

Art: The Andy Warhol Diaries

It narrates the extraordinary life of Andy Warhol from the intimate point of view offered by the posthumous diaries of the artist himself. (NETFLIX)

From the hand of Ryan Murphyas executive producer, and, Andrew Rossy, as director, the six episodes of this miniseries take us through the life of the artist, drawing from his posthumously published diaries and through interviews with dozens of friends and collaborators. Although it is a golden opportunity to get to know Warhol better, the director part gives the premise that you will at least know the basics of his life and work. Thus, the documentary is much more interested in ideas, religion, philosophy, work and its relationship with the affective-sexual part of his life.


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Unmissable documentaries on Netflix depending on what you want to see