Two music stars could be in Sister Act 3

Sister Act 3 will hit theaters next year, if Disney’s plans move forward. Whoopi Goldberg has two music stars in mind.

Two big stars of the music industry could appear in Sister Act 3. The actress Whoopi Goldberg has revealed that the cast of his dreams for the third installment would be Lizzo and Nicki Minaj. Thirty years have passed since Goldberg and company conquered the hearts of the whole world. Now, Walt Disney is moving towards a third part of the film saga, a musical comedy for all audiences that will surely reach Disney Plus and it will work like a charm.

In an interview with Comedy Central, journalists asked Whoopi Goldberg about the state she was in. Sister Act 3. There is a lot of expectation in the environment with this installment. The actress admitted that doing things in Hollywood takes some time. Whoopi Goldberg confirmed that the third part is in development and that the script will be ready next month. He also shared her hopes of having two big music stars alongside her.

What are the chances of having both in the third part?

“I’m going to ask Keke Palmer to come,” he added. “You know? I’d like everyone to come in. I want Lizzo to come. I want all the people who want to have a little fun, because I really need it. I desperately need to have some fun.” Whoopi Goldberg’s dream casting for Sister Act 3 it would be crazy. In addition, although they shine with their own light in the music industry, both Lizzo and Nicki Minaj have tried their luck in acting before.. Therefore, there is some other possibility that this ends up happening. What Whoopi Goldberg should do is, once the script is complete and defined, propose collaborations. Surely more than one artist would like to participate.

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Two music stars could be in Sister Act 3