“Twilight”: why the actor of Emmett Cullen almost quit before finishing the films

Who saw “” surely remember all the characters that appeared throughout the five romantic fantasy movies, which hit the big screen between 2008 and 2012. Although, the story focused on , the great performances of the rest of the actors left the audience very satisfied; However, few would imagine that one of the cast members almost resigned before finishing the recordings. We refer to who gave life to Emmett Cullen.

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Yes, just as you read it, the protagonist’s brother, who is characterized by having supernatural strength, being very funny, indiscreet, jovial, playful and mocking, was about to not appear in “” Part 1 and, obviously, in “Breaking Dawn” Part 2, fourth and fifth installments, respectively.

In the event that this had happened, can you imagine how the plot would have developed? Due to the surprise that this information has caused, the American actor himself, born on March 15, 1985, revealed why he almost left the film in the middle of the recordings.

In “Twilight”, Emmett Cullen is strong, he is twenty years old, but his appearance is not very youthful (Photo: Summit Entertainment)


Kellan Kutz revealed why he hardly appears in the last two installments of the saga. According to him, there was a powerful reason that led him to think about leaving everything before starting to shoot “Dawn”which was divided into two feature films.

“I was happy to be there in ‘Twilight.’ But as the other movies went on and we just had to wait, I almost didn’t do the ‘Breaking Dawn’ movies because I was like, ‘Guys, mentally I need to be doing something’ and it was exhausting.”he began to say during an interview to the podcast hosted by Greene, who played her sister Alice Cullen, and Melanie Howe.

Not only that, the fact of waiting several hours sitting with makeup, while his turn came, was quite a challenge, causing him to lose interest in a project that he had been passionate about.

“I only have one life and if I only live to be thirty, I only spent a couple of months [esperando en el set]. My agent said, ‘But all the money you’re making?’ and I’m like, ‘You can’t take him with you. I really don’t care about the money. I have worked enough. I’m thankful we made the movies.’ But it got to the point where my passion, the sparkle in my eyes was no longer there and that’s worrying when you fall in love with what you do.”he pointed.

In "Twilight"Emmett Cullen's eye color can range from black to gold (Photo: Summit Entertainment)
In “Twilight,” Emmett Cullen’s eye color can range from black to gold (Photo: Summit Entertainment)


Kellan Lutz’s discomfort would have originated because he had just made the television miniseries “Generation Kill”, which was shot in South Africa with very active and action-packed scenes.

Going from an intense level to one where he had a more passive role because he played a supporting role in “Twilight” would have made him think that way. Fortunately, he eventually gave up on that idea.

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“Twilight”: why the actor of Emmett Cullen almost quit before finishing the films