Turning Red: The First Adorable Trailer For The New From Pixar Is Here

It’s huge. It is hairy. And it’s very red. Turning Red is the new animated film from Pixar, and this week we had the opportunity to know its first trailer. Realized by Domee Shi, is a storyboard artist within the company, and has contributed to bringing great successes to life such as Del Revs, Toy Story 4 O Los Increbles 2. Although this is her directorial debut, she has already been in charge of the animated short film Bao (2018), also from Pixar. We leave you with his first advance below:

Turning Red, Pixar’s new bet

Thanks to this first teaser we can meet Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl struggling to pass her math class and … the next day, turns into a red panda wandering disoriented through the city streets. It seems that our protagonist will have certain problems managing her stress or stress in her adolescent life, and that will end up taking its toll: everything indicates that personally, and academically.

Domee Shi won the Oscar for Best Animated Short for Bao, thanks to how I represent conflicts that occur between parents and children. Everything indicates that in this new project we will also delve into these types of topics, although from a more colorful and fun point of view, as Pixar has us used to. After all, the study is by no means alien to these themes: we were already able to verify it with the aforementioned Del Revs.

One day she’s a 13-year-old student, the next a huge red panda

Rosalie Chiang makes her debut also voicing Mei in the original version, while Sandra Oh is the co-star: “Ming, the protective mother, if not a bit authoritarian of Mei Lee, who is never far from her daughter, an unfortunate reality for the teenager”, is what we can read about it in the description that leaves us Polygon about the project.

Although this advance does not provide us with more details at the moment Mei’s misadventures, Turning Red is the first Disney feature film to be set entirely in Canada. Recall that the next Walt Disney Animation film, Charm, take us to a colorful and magical Colombia.

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