“Transformers: The Rise of the Beasts”: How much has the film grossed in Peru?

transformers: Rise of the beastsIt hit theaters in Latin America on June 8 and according to first reports, the seventh film in the saga is already the most watched in Peru, above the favorite. Spider-Man: Across Spider-Verse”.

“To the on its Wednesday premiere there were a tremendous 181 thousand viewers. To that we must add 160 thousand from yesterday Thursday and we have 341 thousand. Today the half million will pass and I think the million will reach it quickly, ”wrote Maykoll Calderón, an expert in film figures, on his Twitter account.

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The most viewed movies in Peru

With “transformers” leading the list, this is as follows before closing its first weekend on the billboard.

1) Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

2) Spider-Man: Across Spider-Verse

3) The Little Mermaid

4) Fast and Furious X

5) Single, married, widow…

6) Guardians of the Galaxy 3

7) Boogeyman

8) Great tsunami

9) When they want…

10) EO

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talking in money

The sequel to “transformers” grossed $25 million on its opening day, a number that includes $8.8 million in previews on Thursday, June 8. With this figure, the film is projected to gross approximately $60 million over its first three days.

If we compare “Rise of the BeastsWith previous installments, the first three films directed by Michael Bay each exceeded $300 million in North American grosses, while the third installment of “Dark of the Moon” and its sequel “Age of Extinction” surpassed the $1 billion worldwide.

As for 2017’s “Transformers: The Last Knight,” it made $130 million domestically and $605 million worldwide, nearly half the $1.1 billion in ticket sales earned by “Age of Extinction.”

Paramount released the “Bumblebee” spinoff in 2018, produced on a comparatively smaller budget and grossed $467 million worldwide.

About the movie

Transformers: The Rise of the Beasts” began writing in March 2019 as a sequel to the blockbuster “Bumblebee”.

The shooting of “the awakening of the beasts” started in June 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Between August and October the team moved to Peru, where scenes were filmed in very touristy cities such as Cusco, Ica (Nazca) and San Martín (Tarapoto). The last takes of the tape were filmed on October 20 in Brooklyn and Montreal.

The plot of “Transformers 7” is set in the 90s, when the fight between the Autobots and Decepticons is expanded by the addition of the Maximals and Terrocons. The film will allow us to delve into Optimus Prime’s past and the circumstances that led him to become the leader we know.

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“Transformers: The Rise of the Beasts”: How much has the film grossed in Peru?