June 11, 2021

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Toxic film and TV couples who set a bad example for a whole generation | Tomatazos

Toxic film and TV couples who set a bad

Film and television have been with us for more than 100 years with all kinds of stories that come to the screen for our entertainment. One would believe that in all that time, these media would have advanced enough to have a greater representation of couples with healthy relationships. It is not uncommon to find one, but it happens that those that have gained more popularity are precisely those that are made up of people who have terrible behavior with the other. What we are not clear about is in which environment it occurs to a greater extent, but in both it is something common.

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By this we do not mean that toxic partners should not have a place in movies or television. It is always important that unhealthy relationships are addressed but in a correct way; This could be, for example, if other characters or someone involved, recognizes a relationship for what it is: toxic. However, these relationships continue to happen as if nothing had happened and there is no one who dares to point out it as something dangerous, and that greatly influences the viewers since negative situations become normal and even give them a romantic character that can confuse the audience. public.

The frequency with which we find this in productions of a few decades ago may be much higher due to the outdated rules of that time, but no matter what year we are in, we can always find a truly toxic on-screen relationship, romanticized by friends. and the character’s family. These relationships may make one or both of you miserable, but they just won’t die. Hostile partners are everywhere in film and television and audiences just can’t seem to get enough of them.

These are some of the most toxic couples in film and TV, who set a bad example for an entire generation and continue to do so:

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Alex and Piper

If we had to choose a single word to define Alex Vause and Piper Chapman’s relationship, it would be this: drama. If we were to heed the story of Orange Is the New Black – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos87%, the best romance can start when you turn your ex over to the police. Alex worked for several years as a dealer in an international drug cartel, met Piper and convinced her to transport a suitcase of drug money. This is how she joined his lifestyle, but later ends up surrendering after Alex accused her and must serve 15 months of sentence. Underneath the possessive behavior, the jealousy and the traps they set for each other, situations that frequently appear in couples who love and hate each other at the same time.

Aria and Ezra

For the people who have never seen Pretty little liars, Aria is a high school student and Ezra is one of her teachers. If that doesn’t seem troublesome enough, we remind you that Aria is a minor. The popular television series presents this romance as a forbidden love and, unfortunately, for most young viewers, this is how they are led to see their relationship, and surely even wish they were in the place of the protagonist. This is simply not right by any means and the worst thing about this relationship is how romantic and passionate the writers had made these two be. Also, do not forget the fact that this series is intended for young girls, which makes everything more disgusting.

Allie and noah

Diary of a passion – 52% it is easily one of the most famous romantic movies. It has lines and scenes that audiences have not been able to forget and its characters Allie and Noah are equally popular. In the story, they reconnect after years apart due to interference from their family and evaluate their separate lives, including Allie’s engagement to another man. Allie and Noah’s relationship is troubled from the start: Noah threatens suicide until she agrees to go out with him and then stalks her. Eventually Allie reciprocates and they begin a relationship, but when they are together they often have arguments that turn violent. And all of this includes Allie cheating on her fiancé, so in passing this story serves to romanticize the infidelity.

Bella and Edward

One of the most criticized elements of the Twilight saga was the relationship between Edward and Bella, which generated many red flags because it was quite toxic. Their relationship is largely based on control and fear, with him stalking her even when she was asleep under the guise of protecting and caring for her, and his power over Bella was such that even when he left, she was still controlled by him in some way. way. At the beginning of Twilight – 48%Bella was making friends since she had just moved to Forks, but once she started dating Edward, she distanced herself from her friends and family, then began to reconnect with them when he left and distanced herself again when he returned. Wanting to sell abuse as love is never a good idea.

Ben and Mrs. Robinson

Tape The graduate – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos89% revolves around a 21-year-old who begins an affair with an older married woman, Mrs. Robinson, and later falls in love with her daughter Elaine. While Ben’s relationship with Elaine has its own toxic elements, it is the infamous relationship with Ms. Robinson that is the worst. There is a lot of manipulation on her part: after convincing him to take her home after a party, she forces him to stay even though he is uncomfortable. When he confronts her, she feigns innocence and makes him feel bad. When they meet at a hotel, Ben tries to back off and she provokes him. Finally, after the affair is over and Ben has fallen in love with Elaine, Mrs. Robinson tells her daughter that Ben raped her. It is a serious accusation that is not mentioned again, but the viewer is not forgotten.

Buffy and Spike

Long before they hook up Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike falls in love with Buffy after his longtime vampire partner leaves him. When Buffy rejects him, she receives help from a flamboyant nerd to create a robot in her likeness. Turning someone into a sex robot is not a healthy way to deal with your feelings, and after their death and subsequent resurrection, they connect while Buffy has an identity crisis. She uses Spike to escape her emptiness, but ends up hating herself even more. To Spike’s credit, he clearly cares for her and loves her in his own twisted way. But lacking a soul, it is a toxic disaster.

Danny and Sandy

The story of Vaseline – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos78% focuses on Danny and Sandy, two teenagers who have a summer affair with the expectation that Sandy will move back to Australia with her family. When this doesn’t happen, they end up in the same high school where Danny, doing a bad boy act for his friends, ignores Sandy. The first bad sign comes when Danny talks to his friends about her in a deceptive way, hinting at having sex (which they didn’t have). When they go out again, Danny takes Sandy to a drive-in movie, during which he tries to be smart with her and in the end they both switch to get each other back. The pair end up together, but only after a sexual assault and a complete makeover of Sandy’s personality to fit the mold of what Danny wants.

Jaime and Cersei Lannister

This relationship is so troublesome even for Game of Thrones – 59%. Not only is it an incestuous relationship that is creepy enough already, but to make matters worse, Jaime and Cersei are truly terrible for each other. Let’s not forget the time Jaime sexually assaulted his own sister despite her constant pleas for him to stop. It just wasn’t healthy from the start and while we were supposed to have feelings for this couple, as the seasons progress what we really felt was disgust. We still do not forget the occasion when Jaime raped Cersei a few meters away from the body of his deceased son.

Joker and Harley Quinn

The relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is one of the best known in animated films, comics and now in live-action also thanks to Suicide Squad – 25%. They are the two antagonists of Batman, but so charismatic that people have fallen in love with them. However, if we analyze the relationship a little and delve into the characters, we will realize that something is not right. It becomes clear that it is not a healthy relationship. Joker begins to abuse her physically and psychologically, even trying to kill her. But Harley is unaware of the manipulation, but is submissive and devoted. He dreams of getting rid of Batman because he thinks that that way they will finally be able to enjoy their relationship. He looks for culprits to justify the attitude of the Joker and always has arguments to defend him. Only a few times has she been seen rebelling.

Miss Piggy and René the Frog

When they first appeared on screen as a couple in the 1970s in The Muppet ShowHis toxic back and forth served to laugh, but it became brutal as time went by. Watching this kind of romanticized toxic relationship on television removes every lesson that most children’s shows preach. Also concerning is the fact that Miss Piggy continually beats up her boyfriend, who is also her boss, and when the series was revived in 2015, domestic abuse was no longer so much fun. In what was both a brilliant marketing campaign and the right plot choice, the duo aired their breakup as part of the new series, though the two are still working together.

Ross and Rachel

Ross has been in love with Rachel since young, but they only really connect when they are adults. When they break up together they constantly have problems. Let’s not forget that Ross slept with another woman when he and Rachel were still dating and he knew what he was doing even though he insisted they were apart. When Rachel tries to explain her feelings about it, Ross rejects them. Much later, the two get drunk in Las Vegas and end up getting married and Ross says he will annul it, but he doesn’t. They eventually end up having a baby together, but they are not together. Then at the end of the series, they end up together again. It’s too much.

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