Tom Holland wanted to be Spider-Man since he was a child and these photos prove it

Many children have dreamed of becoming a superhero, but very few have had their dream come true. Tom Holland is one of them who, since 2016, wears the Spider-Man suit, just as he wanted according to some photos of him, as a child.

Every child dreamed of being able to have super powers or become a superhero. However, few have succeeded. Tom Holland, protagonist of Spider-Man: No way home, was one of them because, on the internet, there were some photos that prove it. His dream, then, came true from Captain America: Civil War (2016), film that was the starting signal for the actor to wear the blue and red costume of the wall-crawler from Queens to date.

The Twitter account @spideyyfilms was in charge of publicizing this image of Tom Holland, as a child.

You well know that this Marvel Studios character has a very dedicated and even crazy fandom. Therefore, it is not surprising that several users have unpublished photos of Holland as a child. If in itself this is a bit weirdHow about we tell you that they not only have these images, but some of the young actor … disguised as Spidey! The weirdness of the matter definitely kills him with the tenderness of the photos. And, of course, we bring them to you.

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“Tom Holland went from this to a standing ovation for his third Spider-Man movie”, posted by the user @spideyupdated, accompanied by the following image.

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The origin of this image is not known; However, it shows that Holland has always been happy as Spider-Man.

Well, at this point in the game, you can say, “Yeah right, that I’m dressed up as a child means absolutely nothing.” And well, at this point we have to deny you because, years later, he repeated that his dream was to give life to Spider-Man. This happened when he was 13 years old, during the red carpet of The Impossible, a film he made alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. A journalist asked him about what characters he would like to play in the future. And he answered the following.

Yes, I don’t know. What kind of superhero would I like to play? Maybe Spider-Man, in about 10 years!

Booom! Once again, the power of the mind saves the day for as you see it, Holland decreed it and, At 19, he put on the Spider-Man suit for the first time. Is worth dreaming!

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Tom Holland wanted to be Spider-Man since he was a child and these photos prove it