Tom Hanks reveals his 3 favorite films from all his filmography

Tom Hanks it is one of the most beloved and acclaimed actors for criticism and public. It is the representation of classic Hollywood, of that era of studios and great stars that seems to have passed away with the rise of new business models and film distribution. With such a prolific career, and taking advantage of the recent release of Finch for Apple TV +, has excelled in The Bill Simmons Podcast (va IndieWire) what are your three favorite movies of all your filmography. And yes, there are many surprises.

Three movies that forever changed your shooting experience

In the aforementioned podcast, as you can imagine, They gave him an almost impossible challenge: choose his three favorite films. Hanks agreed, it seemed funny, but he did it with an important warning. “Yes, I do, it won’t do so on the basis of whether the movies were successful. But to personal experience I had filming them, “he says. The resulting selection is very particular, as box office flops, an authentic film jewel and an endearing and cult film are mixed. And no, not a trace of Save Private Ryan, Forrest Gump or Philadelphia.

For third place, Tom Hanks chose The cloud atlas, the film directed by the Wachowski sisters and Tom Tykwer, who in 2012 It took us to a reality with incarnations, souls sought throughout the ages, and great touches of science fiction. It did not triumph at the box office, quite the opposite, and neither did it convince the critics. However, Hanks claims that filming was a unique experience for him. “For me it was a hope and a dream and a pure circle of love”, comments. On filming in Germany, surrounded by a unique team, he also has good words. “Was surrounded by a huge group of great people that he tried to do his job in the best possible way. It was a magical experience, “he says.

Hanks chose these three films based on his experience on the set and what they meant to him.

In the second position we find Castaway. It is one of the great Hanks films, a cinematic gem directed by Robert Zemeckis and that, without a doubt, it is a high point in his career. Although his character had a hard time stranded on a distant island completely removed from civilization, filming in the Fiji Islands was like a vacation for the actor. “We just had intrepid adventures making that movie. I was in Fiji and my whole family was with me.”, concludes in this regard. And the movie that Tom Hanks has the best memory of is They give the blow, a film that did not have the support of the critics or the public, but that heI allowed myself to enjoy a good summer, playing baseball and enjoying a fun shoot like few others.

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Tom Hanks reveals his 3 favorite films from all his filmography