Tom Cruise is in an unrecognizable state. Just like the Friends actors!

Time passes for everyone, that is inevitable, and when a prestigious actor who has always been characterized by being in shape due to his work (be it for making action films for Hollywood or whatever he plays) passes to a more normal physical state, the spectators and fans of said artist usually throw themselves around the neck with a thousand and one comments. And that is just what has happened to Tom Cruise in his last public appearance, which has not caused much of a sensation. Or at least positive, all be said.

Just like the actors in Friends when they appeared at the famous HBO reunion, Cruise has been caught on camera with a little more weight on his shoulders, a puffy face (we assume due to btox) and a reddish color on his cheeks. that does not go unnoticed. Wow, that by far does not resemble the actor we saw in Are you Imposible: Fallout last 2018, he was shooting his own stunt action sequences.

As you can see, Cruise right now has changed his physical form a lot and he is not at all like, as we said, the actor we knew before. But that should not be an object of ridicule at all, because weight can always go up and down and that in no case is a reason to destroy the actor, because just by seeing some responses to that tweet you can get an idea of ​​where they have been. gone the shots of the fans.

For when a new Mission Impossible?

As you well know, the seventh installment of the saga had quite a few problems due to the coronavirus pandemic, like many other audiovisual products. That is why it will still take a while to see Mission Impossible 7, that It should be released, if all goes well, next May 27, 2022.


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