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The actor repeatedly banged his face against the ground, without achieving the ideal shot in that film that started the multi-million dollar franchise 25 years ago.

Director of Mission Impossible (1996), Brian De Palma, almost cancels the most remembered scene of that first film of the popular franchise, since its protagonist, Tom Cruise, he ended up hitting his face over and over on the ground, which, according to the plot, would have set off alarms during that recreated foray into a CIA security vault.

The famous star of the franchise made such a revelation during interviews given to Paramount regarding the anniversary of the film, which was released on May 22, 1996; that is, 25 years ago, public The Hollywood Reporter.

The problem was, Cruise couldn’t balance fast enough while hanging from the wire. “We were running out of (filming) time, and he kept hitting my face and the shot didn’t work,” said the actor, explaining that he finally put sterling coins in his shoes to act as counterweights.

“(Director) Brian (De Palma) said, ‘Let’s do one more take and (if it doesn’t work) I’ll have to remove (that action),’” Cruise revealed. “I replied, ‘I can do it.’ And I got down to the ground and didn’t touch it. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh. Do not touch it’. And it kept me (in the air), it kept me, it kept me, it kept me. And I was sweating and sweating. And (the camera) kept filming ”.

Cruise said there he realized they had gotten the right shot, but De Palma kept shooting just to play a prank on him. Finally, De Palma laughed and asked for the cut.

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