Tobin Bell will return as Jigsaw on Halloween, next year, with ‘Saw X’

Nothing and no one can against the great icons of horror movies. In the case of Jigsaw and the saga Saw not even the poor reception it got last year Spiral: Saw directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. And despite the fact that the iconic and twisted serial killer died in the third installment of the saga, and appeared until the eighth through flashbacks, or that the actor who played him, Tobin Bellis already 80 years old, the companies Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures are ready to start shooting the new installment and, naturally, reprising Bell in the role that has made him famousaccording to information from various media such as Bloody Disgusting.

Will be Saw X and will direct it Kevin Greutera man “of the house” tanned in the franchise since the first of the films, the 2004 directed by james wan from the script concocted by Wan himself together with leigh whannell (The invisible man). Since then, Greutner has been the editor of practically all the films in the saga. and also took over the direction of the sixth and seventh (also released in 3D).

And according to the rumors that have been circulating since the beginning of the year, Saw X could be an origins movie, those of John Kramer’s characterthe brilliant civil engineer who co-founded a clinic with his wife, and whose subsequent traumatic eventssuch as the death of your child by one of the clinic’s interns, or being diagnosed with incurable colon cancer, they would turn him into the famous Jigsawthe sadistic creator of deadly traps and games that forced his victims to kill each other to survive.

The intention is that the preparations for the production begin this month, and the release date has even been set. Saw X would hit theaters on October 27, 2023on dates close to Halloween, as was customary, and in which the movies of Saw, Despite their modest budget, they swept the box office.

A good proof is that the franchise has grossed so far in theaters over a billion euros so farbeing the most recent, Spiralthe one that has been the least successful, despite being released at a time still limited due to Covid, with a worldwide collection of only 39.5 million.

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Tobin Bell will return as Jigsaw on Halloween, next year, with ‘Saw X’