July 1, 2021

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Tin Tan: meet one of the legends of Mexican cinema who years later lost everything

1625100763 Tin Tan meet one of the legends of Mexican cinema

One of the figures of Mexican television that marked an entire era was the actor Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés y Catillo, who was known in the artistic world as “Tin Tan” and who became one of the members of the Era of Cinema Gold . The artist is remembered for having participated in more than 100 film productions that went around the world.

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But his work in the cinema not only culminated there, because, he also lent his voice to give life to some of the characters of Disney.

This actor was also characterized by achieving the vindication of the image of the pachuco among the population of Mexico. These were young people who lived on the northern Mexican border and the United States and were known for the cultural clash of both countries for various issues such as, for example, their way of speaking or clothing.


The actor managed to change people’s ideas about pachucos, because before they were rejected by their own countrymen. To do this, he made use of his great sense of humor, which also became one of his most personal hallmarks.

But despite the fact that he was the protagonist of countless films and was one of the most recognized in artistic activity, the actor had to face various inconveniences in his life. These were financial problems and a disease that afflicted him.

Regarding his financial problems, everyone classified him as a very generous person who did not hesitate to help his neighbor when he saw that he had money problems. Thus, he granted loans but sometimes they did not pay him back.

Comedian Tin Tan danced mambo in several movies. In the photo, with the star Tongolele, whose dance was considered sinful and who was threatened with excommunication.


Other inconveniences faced by the popular Tin Tan, was the decline of the Golden eraThis not only because of the death of several of his fellow artists, but also because people pointed to other types of interests or tastes.

Tin Tan was one of the actors who survived a few more years, but despite his efforts he could no longer continue in leading roles in the movies and only accepted supporting roles.


Another of the economic problems that affected the actor was – as indicated by a Mexican newspaper – in order to save and not spend, he decided to grant part of his properties to the firm that belonged to Joe Manny. Tin Tan lost a large part of his fortune after the American tycoon lost his life in a plane crash.

All this led the actor to enter a lawsuit in order to find out if he could recover his savings, but his luck continued to play badly, because, presumably, he would not achieve it and would continue to lose land.

It was 1966 when the actor lost a farm that he owned in San Ángel and where he lived with his family, and shortly afterwards his property in Acapulco was also seized. He also asked for financing for his films and that on some occasions he got into debt or ended up in lawsuits for not being able to cover the expenses. As a result, in 1969 he was jailed for five hours.

Valdés was the brother of renowned Mexican comedians and actors Germán 'Tin Tan' Valdés and Manuel 'El Loco' Valdés. (Facebook: Chavo del 8)
Valdés was the brother of renowned Mexican comedians and actors Germán ‘Tin Tan’ Valdés and Manuel ‘El Loco’ Valdés. (Facebook: Chavo del 8)


Long before he passed away it was known that Tin Tan suffered from hepatitis what caused pancreatic cancer; However, the actor died without knowing that he suffered from this disease.

His sister Guadalupe Valdés and his wife, Rosalía Julián, did not want to break the news to prevent this from mortifying him. This helped the actor to spend his last days happily with his family, without worries due to his financial situation. Shortly after, he died of cardiac arrest.