Three great movies to watch on NETFLIX and stay in your bed snuggled up all day

In recent weeks, people tend to wonder more about new trends or topics of interest to them, such as certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix.

In this sense, people wonder what they can see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of films of various themes and genres.

Let us remember that more often new options come to light to watch content and have entertainment via streaming; This mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Mexico on February 28, 2020.

Movies to watch curled up in your bed

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand globally, mainly because it is committed to the best releases in the film world, from the most recent releases to the classics of the seventh art.

Under this panorama, users on social networks have wondered what productions they can see in the giant of streaming, Netflix, during these days where winter has already begun in CDMX; We show them below:

The forgotten battle

This is the film “The Forgotten Battle”, which had a premiere on Netflix and is now positioned in the Top 10 of the most viewed, specifically in the number one place this beginning of the week.

Said film production hosted on Netflix, had a premiere in 2020; It is a Dutch film set in World War II, specifically about the Battle of the Scheldt in 1944.

The Forgotten Battle is a film that is set in Zeeland when it was occupied by the Germans in September 1944, this after the Normandy landings.

This production follows the story of a chief Buescher, who works in the mayor’s officer with nationalist work, where he will be involved in the Dutch resistance after his younger brother was executed under the orders of Commander Oberst Berghof after attacking German forces.

This is how he discovers that his brother Dick had been covertly photographing the German artillery positions along the Escada River, so they will have the task of smuggling these photographs to the Allied forces advancing towards Walcheren Island.

Following this, a Dutch Wehrmacht volunteer assigned from the Eastern Front to serve as Commander Berghof’s secretary in Zealand, who soon became disillusioned with Nazi tactics, including the execution of civilian hostages.

And then, a sailor who served as a volunteer, resigned to combat after a German officer observes suspiciously.

This film follows the story of a Dutch Army soldier, a British Allied pilot and a Zeeland Resistance woman.

Operation Jacinto

“Operation Jacinto,” which premiered in 2021, and is now hosted by streaming giant Netflix, was directed by Piotr Domalewski, written by Marcin Ciaston and starring Tomasz Zietek, Hubert Milkowski and Marek Kalita.

This film follows the story of a male investigator, who finds himself in communist Poland in the 80s, where he is dissatisfied about a murder in the gay community of Warsaw, so he decides to discover the truth behind this act of murder.

History is full of raw moments based on reality about homophobia that has been experienced in society worldwide, and that to date, discrimination against this group has not ended.

It should be noted that this production has the participation of Tomasz Zietek, Adrianna Chlebicka and Sebastian Stankiewicz, which you can enjoy this week with your loved ones, as it will make you reflect and analyze your true self.

You’re mine

It is a tape of the Thriller and drama genre hosted on the streaming giant, Eres Mía or “Only mine” with its original title, which is currently within the selection of the most viewed films in our country.

This film production was made under the direction of Michael Civille, and launched in 2019, with the performances of a wide cast that includes Amber Midthunder, Brett Zimmerman, Chris Browning, Claudia Ferri, Walter Fauntleroy, Lorenzo James Henrie, Ashley Holliday Tavares, Ellen Wroe, Jonna Walsh, and Ashly Kay Monei.

“You are mine” follows the story of Julie Dillion, a young woman who decides to go out with David, a handsome police officer who falls madly in love with her, to such a degree that he creates a kind of control and obsession towards her person and towards the a relationship that they were building in an “innocent” way and without the purpose of ending up in critical scenes between them.


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Three great movies to watch on NETFLIX and stay in your bed snuggled up all day