Three excellent and unexpected streaming movies for a weekend of strong emotions

Of course, this weekend there are no possible complaints regarding the variety of the selection of films that we propose: from the most visceral B series horror to a disconcerting Spanish grotesque comedy, passing through a hyper-stylized fable with a powerful cast. female. This weekend, we’ll keep your streaming crazy and unpredictable.

‘Paradise Hills’

Splendid feature debut by Spanish director Alice Waddington, who shot in English this story of a luxury boarding school where wealthy families send their daughters to be trained and educated to be perfect women. Of course, the residence hides a secret, but this is as important as the incredible aesthetics of the film, halfway between erotic fantasy and fashion Film, and that is reinforced by the notorious cast, where Emma Roberts, Awkwafina and Milla Jovovich stand out.

‘Dog Soldiers’

Although his (if they ask us, excellent) version of ‘Hellboy’ did not catch on at the box office, Neil Marshall is one of the most enjoyable and brutal authors of current fantasy and horror cinema, with films like ‘The Descent’ or ‘Doomsday’. This was his debut, a brutal and bloody B-series with an air of history from the pages of ‘Black Dossier’, in which a squad of British soldiers, training in the remote Scottish moors, encounter a special forces captain wounded, and whose team has been attacked by what appears to be a group of werewolves.

‘holy spirit’

One of the most monumental Spanish surprises in recent years is the long-awaited first feature film by Chema García Ibarra, after such notable shorts as ‘Protoparticles’ or ‘Attack of the robots of Nebulosa-5’. In ‘Sacred Spirit’ he moves in a science-fiction in the same terms, of very low frequency and with the everyday -the almost vulgar- skilfully intertwined in fantasy. In this case, with a fascinating setting: the ufological organization UFO Levante, whose director dies being the only one who knows a cosmic secret of vital importance.

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Three excellent and unexpected streaming movies for a weekend of strong emotions