This is what Wesley Snipes said to the MCU’s new Blade

Blade, the new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will come from the hand of Mahershala Ali. However, an authoritative voice advised the actor how to carry out the performance.

The Eternals gave the pass to many characters were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is obviously the case for the main group of heroes in the film. However, others were able to make a special appearance. For instance, Dane Whitman As the Black knight O Eros, the brother of Thanos. Furthermore, without seeing his face, the voice of Blade.

The vampire hunter had already been on the big screen more than two decades ago, when Wesley Snipes gave it life. Now, said interpreter has already taken a step to the side, but at 59 years old he wishes all the best to his successor, to whom he said some things.

The artist confessed that he had the opportunity to talk with his substitute, Mahershala Ali, about the character they share. In addition, he took the opportunity to share some advice with him.

«Yes, we talk. We shared that the issue of him being chosen was not between us, you know, that issue. I don’t walk like Blade, I’m not attached to the character, I don’t feel any emotional loss. I am happy that he was chosen. And most likely you will do a great job.

I said: Make sure you are in shape, try not to hurt yourself. Action movies are in high demand, you must be an elite athlete, and in good condition to survive and avoid injury. Enjoy it while it lasts«Commented the actor.

Now, the release date of the hero’s solo film is not yet known. Still, it is suspected that he may appear in another project, before having his own delivery. Finally, what is confirmed is that his feature film is part of Phase 4, currently in broadcast.

Source: ComicBook

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This is what Wesley Snipes said to the MCU’s new Blade