This is the impressive and luxurious restaurant where Julia Roberts shot her best film

It is a local restaurant specialized in Italian gastronomy, the restaurant was one of the locations of the movie “Pretty Woman” that Julia Roberts starred in the early 90s, giving her many successes in her professional career.

The locations of the movies always remain engraved in our minds, but rarely do many details of the place transcend, and it only remains in our memories. This is the case of one of the most famous restaurants in Hollywood, and one of the favorites of Julia Roberts when it comes to outdoor locations.

And it is that, this place is not only the favorite of Julia Robertsbut apparently also that of the big Hollywood producers, since it has been selected, on several occasions, as the main location for exteriors for several films that have had considerable reach and receptivity worldwide, including Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a classic of the cinema that at present is still quite seen by moviegoers.

In the case of Julia Roberts The film that this famous actress shot in that place is Pretty Woman, a cinema classic that left its protagonists with one of their best professional and economic experiences. Despite the fact that it was recorded more than 30 years ago, this feature film is still a reference to her when talking about her, or about Richard Gere, her partner in the leading role.

The development of exterior scenes that had to do with meals, appointments, meetings, and meetings in which Julia Roberts appeared took place in the restaurant specializing in Italian food, Rex il Ristorante, a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, and which is not only used by Hollywood to record, but is also open to the public, with a wide variety of options to eat

So if what you want is to eat in the same restaurant where you have seen Julia Roberts in several of his films, and you like Italian food, this is the perfect place to enjoy a different and pleasant moment in which you will surely feel like a true Hollywood movie star.

Panoramic view of the restaurant where Julia Roberts recorded “Pretty Woman”. Photo: IAMNOTASTALKER

Julia Roberts in one of the scenes of “Pretty Woman”. Photo; Rodeo Realty

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This is the impressive and luxurious restaurant where Julia Roberts shot her best film