This is the creepy chapter of “Black Mirror” where Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy appear

The new season of “Black Mirror” finally arrived. After four years since the last installment, in which Miley Cyrus was the star, today a sixth part was released in Netflix with Salma Hayek and annie murphy as protagonists of a terrifying story.

Written by Charlie Brooker, the series, which emerged in 2011, has caused controversy for telling dystopian stories about the scope and fatal consequences of technology in each of its chapters.

Some of the five chapters of this new season are no exception to this digital narrative and the clear example is the first one, entitled “Joan is horrible.”

It tells the story of a girl who one day discovers that she has become the protagonist of a series based on reality, without her consent the worst secrets of her existence have been exposed and all because she downloaded a streaming application.

Hayek is the actress in charge of giving life to Joane (Annie Murphy) in the series, but as the story progresses, she realizes that she is also the victim of an identity clause.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL both actresses talked about the frightening behind this story.

“We are both very bad at managing fear,” Murphy confesses.

“I was a little worried that we were in an episode that was just scary, but it was really exciting to find out that the episode was going to be very funny and that I was going to be working with Salma Hayek,” says the actress.

Salma agreed with that, who already knew Brooker’s work and created some expectations.

“When they told me that Charlie wrote a character for me, I was first excited, but then I said ‘wait for me, it’s scary, so I’m going to be someone horrible, I kill someone or I don’t know what I’m going to do,” recalls Hayek.

Both actresses were surprised to find that the episode has a bit of black humor in it, but also themes related to reality such as the use of artificial intelligence and espionage.

“We’ve all experienced the phenomenon where you’re talking to someone about a topic and then you look at your phone and it shows you apps or ads for that very thing, so the amazing part is that this isn’t as fictional as we think it is.” Annie pointed out.

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This is the creepy chapter of “Black Mirror” where Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy appear