This is Playdede, the successor of the mythical Megadede to watch series

It is, in fact, the interface in which we can find or filter all the audiovisual content that we want and that takes us to their corresponding links to view them online or for direct download on the computer.

Megadede history and closures

Megadede closed in September 2020. The website said it was going to stop offering links, and finally the domain stopped being operational. From the original web it was redirected to domains that they had tried to collect. Last December they announced that they were going to definitively close the website, which is no longer accessible.

The Twitter account went to @ and opted for a clear name: Megadede is now Playdede. In addition, from that profile it began to announce since December 2020 that they did not know what the future of the web would be. But in January 2021 the doubts were revealed: on January 22, the website announced that they were going to provide a continuity solution to the portal, and finally on Sunday morning they announced their return, officially changing their name as of the 25th of the month.

Since then, officially became Playdede. But what happened before all this? The history is long and has years of closings, comings and goings, name changes …

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Pordede It started as a site with movies and series online. But in mid-2017 the problems began: they announced that they had been hacked and the information of the users was in danger. Then Plusdede, its successor, emerged and followed the same steps, offered similar content and followed the same philosophy. Like the previous one, hard little. In September 2018, it announced its final closure without specifying the reasons why this occurred. Later, it would return under the name Megadede for a few years. And what we explained at the beginning happened: it closed in September 2020. Among the 100 websites with the most visits in Spain but no future.

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Since September 2020 on the web the farewell could be read: «The members of the team are forced to announce that in less than a week megadede will come to an end. We hope you have enjoyed this time with us and take the opportunity to download your lists. Thanks for everything #megabye »


As we have explained before, this is how Playdede was born. Until today. Or until there is a new closure to make them change their name again.

How is Playdede

And how is this new version released in early 2021? The essence is the same and it allows us to access series, movies and other content. But we can’t access if we don’t register. Unlike many other websites we cannot see the content if we do not have an account so the first thing you should do is use an email, a password and a username to be able to see the interface, the content it offers, the different lists .


Registration and profile

Once you have registered with your email, a username and a password, we can access. In your profile you will see a series of sections such as opinions of what you have seen, as well as your series, movies and animation. Here we can keep track of what you have seen, what you follow, your favorites, the ones you have pending. These four categories (following, favorites, pending and views) will appear in both series and movies as animation.


But we also have other sections with “comments”Where you can see if you have commented on any content, for example. And finally, “friends”. You can add other users in order to know what they are seeing, what they comment, etc.

Interface, categories and content

Playdede’s interface is simple, with all the thumbnails in each of the categories and with several sections so that we can find what interests us. At the top we can choose between movies, series, animation or manga. By tapping on each of them, all the recommended titles will appear through thumbnails.

playdede categories

In each miniature we see the image of the series or movie, the year of release, the name and the category. In addition, we can choose a series of filters or we can choose how they are ordered: by the newest, by everything there is or by the best valued. And at the top we can filter by platform: Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Movistar+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video… In addition, also in the filter menu we can choose the year or the category: action, animation, comedy, crime, western and many more. This will allow us to easily find what you are looking for on Playdede.

Series playdede

If something interests you, we can touch on the three points in the upper right corner of the thumbnail where you can start following the program or series, add it as favorites, add it as pending, mark it as a view. So they will join the Profile categories.

In addition, there are also lists created by users. For example, a list of cartoons from your childhood or a list of all the movies from Pixar.


Within each series, movie or cartoon we will see your file. The note of the users, the categories (animation, comedy) or the status of the same will appear depending on whether it has finished or is complete. We can also read six or seven lines of synopsis and, under it, a sheet with the country, the duration per episode or a technical sheet with all the details. And of course, all seasons available and the different episodes. Just tap on one to choose between the options or links available to play.



Playdede is a complete website with a lot of content, but its use is not as fluid or comfortable as many of the streaming platforms today. One of the main drawbacks is that we will find advertising or that it is not as simple as open the series or movie that we like and press play. When you access content we have to choose whether we want to find online playback or download links and we have to go looking for which one offers us good quality without cuts. Another drawback is that we will continually find advertisements and advertisements, intrusive and annoying pop-up windows.

rlaxx TV available from Samsung

There are other alternatives mentioned in previous paragraphs like PlutoTV o Rlaxx TV that allow us to watch series, movies and programs. And even some open platforms such as RTVE Play allow us to see some of the best hits of recent times such as Baron Noir or Years and Years, HBO Max series.

We want to thank the writer of this post for this amazing material

This is Playdede, the successor of the mythical Megadede to watch series