This is how Yalitza Aparicio looked before being FAMOSA and appearing in “Roma” | PHOTOS

Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio, who became popular thanks to his participation in the director’s film Alfonso Cuaron “Roma”She used to have a normal life before she was famous and recently some images of her before she became an actress have been leaked.

What was Yalitza like before she was famous?

Through a video on the platform TikTokSome photographs of the 27-year-old Oaxacan woman have circulated when she was just a student.

In the photos you can see the interpreter of “Roma” in a white dress with pink details while at a closing school event. He also appears in another image with two of his school teachers.

What did Yalitza study?

Before appearing in the film by director Alfonso Cuarón, Yalitza graduated from the Lázaro Cárdenas Normal School in Putla and later worked as a teacher teaching preschool students in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, where she replaced another teacher for a few months.

Why did you become an actress?

Although being an actress was never in her plans, the Oaxacan agreed to participate in “Roma” to play Cleo and began filming in 2017.

After her participation, she never believed that she would be the first indigenous woman to be nominated for the Oscars for Best Actress and although she did not win, she affirmed that it was an honor to go so far.

Some facts about Yalitza:

  • His father is of Mixtec origin and his mother is of Triqui origin.
  • Her mother worked as a domestic servant and this helped her during the filming of “Roma”.
  • He grew up with his two brothers, but his brother passed away when he was 18 from a car accident.
  • Before attending the casting of “Roma” she was unemployed and made piñatas with her sister.
  • At first, her sister Edith would be the one who would attend the casting, but in the end it was Yalitza who participated.


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This is how Yalitza Aparicio looked before being FAMOSA and appearing in “Roma” | PHOTOS