This is how Pedro Infante’s inheritance disappeared a few hours after his death

Pedro Infante He was one of the most outstanding artists of the Golden age of Mexican cinema, participated in 61 films and also recorded around 310 songs. This would lead him to form a great fortune since 1948, unfortunately, he could not enjoy his family.

After the death of the Idol of the People in a plane crash on April 15, 1957, your belongings became others in a couple of hours. This is what is known about the artist.

In addition to the interpreter of “My darling” He used to spend his money on buying cars and other luxuries, he also shared his wealth with his close ones and people with limited resources.

However, after learning of his death and rather than attempting to aid in the recovery of the body, the brothers and nephews of the singer decided to go for his belongings.

They went to the house that the actor had in Cuajimalpaknown as Ciudad Infantefrom where they took all kinds of furniture, clothes and other valuable objects that were in the place, according to the nephews of the protagonist of “Pepe el toro” in an interview with History behind the myth.

They affirmed that if they decided to do that it is because they feared facing a difficult economic situation without the support of Pedro Infante.

“Pedro Infante was incredibly kind people and took care of all of us, not just us, other cousins, that he taught us, all at that time,” said Antonio Infante, the singer’s nephew.

On the contrary, the death of the Sinaloan was so shocking for Irma Dorantes that he forgot what could happen with the assets of whoever his sentimental partner was and it was until a few days later that he reacted to it.

Infant City It was built under the direction of Pedro Infante and had, among other things, a chapel, a movie theater with a fake box office, a swimming pool, a hairdresser’s, a bowling alley and a gym.

Although the protagonist of “Two Kinds of Care” wanted this property to remain in the name of Irma Dorantes, her representative suggested that she not do so, so in the end she was left intestate.

She was also abandoned by Pedro, Irma and her daughter, since María Luisa León, Infante’s wife, would have threatened to end their marriage if he did not separate from Irma or leave her that house. That is why it was one of the actor’s first belongings that were taken by the actor’s relatives, since they knew that neither Irma nor María Luisa lived in it.

Irma Dorantes was shocked by the singer’s death and forgot to address the property issue. Photo: Special

In addition, Irma Dorantes and her daughter Irma Infante were also forced to leave the house in which they lived with Pedro after leaving Ciudad Infante, since the singer did not finish paying for it and his representative tried to appropriate it, although in the end the actress managed to acquire it. .

In addition to this, it is known that the Idol of the people did not leave a will because that is how Matouk also recommended it, and when the singer died, both the representative and the administrator, Rupert Pradodecided to put most of the artist’s properties in his name.

It should be noted that Pedro’s children and his legal widow, María Luisa León, were left without being able to enjoy Infante’s belongings, since Antonio Matouk was left as proxy.

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This is how Pedro Infante’s inheritance disappeared a few hours after his death