This is how Joaquin Phoenix reacted to the orgasm that Scarlett Johansson recorded for ‘Her’

Next year will mark a decade since the premiere of Hermonumental film of Spike Jonze that investigated our relationship with artificial intelligences and, incidentally, in the very essence of love. Her won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and benefited from two great leading performances: one was that of joaquin phoenix in an unusual record for him, as a shy man looking for someone to share his life with. Scarlett Johansson, for his part, also performed an interpretation with little in common with the rest of his filmography. And it is that she was Samantha, the artificial intelligence with which Theodore fell in love. So we never saw her on screen, we just heard her voice.

That didn’t stop Johansson’s performance from being universally acclaimed, giving his robotic character enormous expressiveness without needing to put on a face. These days the actress has remembered how strange it was the filming of Her, and not just because of the need to just record the voice. interviewed on the podcast Armchair Expert, recalls how intense an intimate sequence got where Theodore and Samantha shared orgasms. Which required, of course, that both Phoenix and Johansson record their moans together, in a scene so shocking that the actor apparently couldn’t stand it. “We tried to do it in one take and he was kind of losing his mind. He left the study. He needed a break”Johansson says.

The actress takes responsibility for how uncomfortable it was for both of them. “You never want to hear your voice, and you definitely don’t want to hear what it sounds like when you have an orgasm. You definitely don’t want to hear how you sound having a fake orgasm. It’s so gross. It was very strange”, he assures. Today Johansson prepares the premiere of Asteroid City In collaboration with wes andersonwhile Phoenix is ​​involved in the sequel to joker, folie a deux. This second part will unite you with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, while Todd Phillips returns to direct her. Warner has fixed the premiere of Joker 2 for him October 4, 2024.

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This is how Joaquin Phoenix reacted to the orgasm that Scarlett Johansson recorded for ‘Her’