This is how Bruce Willis hid his aphasia while filming his last films: the actor secretly dealt with his disease

Bruce Willis announced that yesand withdrew from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia last year. Hollywood held its breath to see how one of its great stars, an icon of action cinema of the eighties and nineties, had kept her serious illness a secret. now while the actor’s health deteriorates rapidlywe know how Willis dealt with his language disorder on the set of his last films and the shadow of if it was forced to play roles against your will it comes out again in the eyes of public opinion.

This is how Bruce Willis hid his aphasia: The actor continued acting and playing roles with various tricks

Willis, who was diagnosed with aphasia, tried to keep his trade until the last minute. However, the interpreter of Armageddon he reached a point where it was completely impossible for him to hide his symptoms. However, aphasia is a language disorder that clearly hinders the ability to read and express, and that, like other degenerative diseases, can worsen in a short period of time. Bruce Willis he quickly found himself unable to read and interpret the scripts of his latest films.

Bruce Willis

In vulture have produced an extensive report in which they narrate how Willis and his representatives tried to hide the situation, increasingly evident, through various tricks. At first, they decided that the actor would charge for spend very little time on screentrying reduce your lines of dialogue and their possible errors when reciting them in front of the cameras. If before she constantly participated in the readings of the scripts with those in charge of the filming crews, now she tried to learn them in private, resorting to a penguin in his ear for someone to point out an error in the text.

Willis had an earpiece and robotically memorized the texts

It is said that, before a scene, practiced with constant reading aloud off set, with a basic method of memorizing and very short sentences. In the report, it is said that several members of different shoots went to his dressing room in privacy, helping him in order to avoid repeating some scenes. the special of vulture puts the focus back on its representatives, who they might have forced the actor to play roles to earn a quick buck when his physical and mental state he was not optimal because of his illness. The rumors broke out when it was said that even a digital clone was made of Willis to star in movies and series without the actor having to go through the filming. While his friends mourn his retirement from the cinematheir families They ask for a miracle so that their ailments do not go to more.

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This is how Bruce Willis hid his aphasia while filming his last films: the actor secretly dealt with his disease