This is how Brandon Routh wants to return as Superman

Actor Brandon Routh starred in the movie Superman Returns (2006) and he knows exactly how he wants to reprise the great hero of DC Comics.

Although the movie Superman Returns It was not a great box office success, since it only raised 391 million dollars with a budget of 270 million, the performance of Brandon Routh as the great protagonist. Especially because of its resemblance to Christopher Reeve. After, Henry Cavill rebooted the character under the orders of Zack Snyder and now it looks like they could put another actor like The Man of Steel.

Even so, Brandon Routh has played Superman at Arrowverso from The CW and he would love to repeat himself in the cinema, since he wants to adapt the plot of the comic Kingdom Come from Mark Waid and Alex Ross:

Since the story is the correct story and Superman is portrayed the way I see Superman. I was always absolutely interested in that. I’ve done my own research on the possibility of something like that.

“Right now, the truth is that we are up to the Superman thing, with the success of Superman & Lois, and Tyler Hoechlin is doing an amazing job on that, and then there are a couple of interesting scripts and projects. I think, in different iterations at Warner Bros.

What is Kingdom Come about?

This story is about a world that is full of metahumans, that is, people with powers. After a nuclear explosion destroys Kansas, the older generation of heroes must return to help. They are Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern. The villains are now led by Lex Luthor and the United Nations that persecute metahumans.

So Brandon Routh wants to return as an old man Superman that he must teach the new heroes the way of working that the League of Justice. Would you like to see this story in the cinema? Do you think it would be a good starting point for a series? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

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This is how Brandon Routh wants to return as Superman