This famous actor and director of the golden age film MURDERED a man and was in jail

Currently and despite the passing of the years, we can continue to enjoy the classics of Mexican gold cinema, an art that hides many myths and secrets, as well as some legends and even anecdotes of its representatives, such is the case of the outstanding director, actor and film producer Emilio Fernandez Romo, known as “The Indian”.

Many claim that the person who was in charge of forging the reputation of “The Indian Fernández” how aggressive was he himself, as well as that he also made the rumors louder that he was the model to create the award statuette “Oscar”However, this has not been confirmed.

An explosive man

As we said before, it is believed that it was his own “Indian” Fernández who was in charge of creating his fame of being an aggressive man and it is that many say that just seeing the face of the actor and director filled people with fear.

People who came to work with “The Indian” Fernández They described him as a temperamental person, with an explosive and even somewhat violent character.

The truth is “The Indian” FernándezHe spent time in prison, although he managed to get out of jail by paying a large bail which allowed him to be free and continue his career.

Why was he in prison?

It was in 1976 when Fernández was about to look for locations for his new film, a modern version of “Villager”, so he decided to go to Keep to find the perfect setting for your next production.

At that time Fernandez He was accompanied by two gypsies whom he made his friends, then three men arrived but one of them named Javier Aldecoa Galván He was under the influence of alcohol so he began to throw shots into the wind and began to annoy the actor’s companions.

The insults against the friends of Emilio “The Indian” Fernández provoked the director’s ire, sparking a scuffle, Javier Aldecoa Galvan was disarmed.

And although it is not known if it is that “The Indian ”Fernández He had another pistol, he would have shot the aforementioned peasant in the chest causing the death of the man.

Given this, “The Indian” Fernández fled to Guatemala but later he turned himself in to the authorities and was sentenced to four years in prison, but he was entitled to bail for which he paid a sum of approximately some 150 thousand pesos from that time and came out in Liberty.