This beautiful actress triumphed in the first film of the Cine de Ficheras in Mexico; This is how it currently looks: PHOTO

It is well known that the gold cinema Mexican marked a very important time within the seventh art at an international level, as it cultivated great artists who are now remembered for their talent on the big screen.

However, for several decadesespecially after the rise of the Golden Cinema in our countrydiverse currents and cinematographic genres, and one of them is the File Cinema.

How File Film was born in Mexico

This genre arose from the cinema Mexicanwhich flourished in the mid-1970s and 1980s, which was nourished by Italian erotic comedy, as well as was influenced by the old cinema of rumberas, which was also conceived in our country.

The term “Cine of Files” was born as a result of the title of one of the first of these filmswhich was a complete success at the time, and it is the tape “Night Beauties” which was also called “Las ficheras”, and was released in 1975.

The young actress who triumphed in the first film of the Cine de Ficheras

Due to its great sympathy and ability to transmit emotions through the big screen, a beautiful Mexican actress stood out in this film, which gave her international fame, and it is about Leticia Perdigon.

Guadalupe Leticia Perdigón, better known simply as Leticia Perdigón was born in the city of Mexico in 1956, and after participating in “Bellas de noche”, in more than 40 television programs television and 50 films since he began his career in 1973.

Leticia Perdigón had already worked with dozens of recognized personalities in the acting guild in Mexico, such as Lucha Villa, José Gálvez and the renowned actress of the golden cinema Gloria Marin.

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It is under this panorama, that due to its great talent and beauty Leticia Perdigón was invited to participate in the first file film that was made in Mexico, “Night Beauties”which was directed by Miguel M. Delgado and stood out for being the film that began the saga of the so-called file cinema in our country.

Leticia Perdigón in her File Film era. Photo: Special

Leticia Perdigon today

This is how Leticia Perdigón continued her career in the film industry, and her work has stood out in dozens of films, in some of them she showed herself as a femme fatale, something that served to personify various papers, one of them on tape “Lagunilla my neighborhood”, filmed in 1981, where I work alongside Manolo Fábregas, Héctor Suárez, Lucha Villa, Raúl Meraz, Carmen Molina among others.

Currently Leticia Perdigón continues to work as an actress, only now she focuses more on the telenovela guild and we could see one of her last performances in 2015 in Until the end of the world I will love youwhere she gives life to Doña Lupe.

This is what Leticia Perdigón looks like today. Photo: Special


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This beautiful actress triumphed in the first film of the Cine de Ficheras in Mexico; This is how it currently looks: PHOTO