They support Lightyear with scenes that are inappropriate for Disney and Pixar

  • A Twitter user decided to respond to Lightyear’s criticism and shared a thread with the most inappropriate scenes from Disney and Pixar.

  • Movies like Pinocchio, Basil the Mouse Detective and The Three Caballeros have all featured questionable scenes over the years.

  • The objective of this thread is to make visible and dignify the representation of the LGBTTTIQ+ community in cinema.

After the controversy that arose around the film Lightyear, a user decided to respond with a thread to the criticism against the representation of the LGBTTTIQ+ community in the cinema, showing the true most inappropriate scenes in Disney and Pixar movies.

After the movie Lightyear will show a kiss between a couple of womenmany fans, theater chains and even entire countries showed their discontent.

The argument was that the film showed “gender ideology” and “inappropriate scenes”, so the Disney company, associated with Pixar, separated the contact with many markets. But this was not all, because the networks were flooded with criticism and complaints from people who argued that they would not take their children to see the film.

They support Lightyear: they show scenes that they do consider inappropriate from Disney and Pixar

The boycott against the Pixar film he soon got a response from the many other users who do support the LGBTTTIQ+ community. They considered that the scene is not forced at all and that even Disney and Pixar have shown much more inappropriate scenes over the years, initially giving as an example the kiss from the movie Snow White, where the protagonist was not even aware of what happened.

For this reason, a user made a thread where he showed some of the company’s most inappropriate scenes, with the aim of demonstrating that a kiss is not something unnatural, regardless of sexual orientation.

This is what the Twitter user comments about it:

“Apparently a few people have not liked that in #Lightyear a kiss between two women appeared because they do not consider it appropriate for children. What do you think if we take a walk through all those things so for children that Disney has given us?

Some of the scenes that stand out among those presented by the Twitter account are, for example, the one where the character of pinocchio smoking, a fact that completely alters his senses while playing pool. A scene that to this day has caused little stir.

One of the iconic scenes of Dumbo It is also one of the most controversial, since it shows hallucinations of the elephant after having experienced drunkenness. “Wow, wow, Is that a character that we are presented as a child being tremendously drunk?“.

Likewise, another scene that even today is somewhat strange is the part of the movie ‘The Three Caballeros’ where the Donald Duck chasing women in Acapulco. Without a doubt, it could be considered today as an apology for sexual harassment, which has been replicated by popular culture characters from other franchises.

Thus, the list continues to escalate in proportions, mentioning traumatic events such as the death of iconic Disney characters such as the Bambi’s mom, Mufasa, Ursula and even the one that is considered one of the most sadistic in the company: the hunter Clayton in Tarzan.

To mention more examples, the user rescues the scene from Peter Pan where one of the children openly mentions wanting to kill Indians, a scene where by the way they also show one of the children smoking even for a moment.

As if that were not enough, the user also shared some scenes that could have sensitive content on the Pixar side. Among them stands out the moment in which a person in The Incredibles he tries to commit suicide, a subject that did not cause controversy at all and that to this day, probably because he was saved by the protagonist, continues to be a scene without much repercussion.

Finally, the death of the character Hopper, antagonist of Bugs, has proven to be one of the most impressive for its content. Well, when lifted by the beak of a bird, it ends up eaten alive by its young.

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They support Lightyear with scenes that are inappropriate for Disney and Pixar