June 30, 2021

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They filter the identity of Christina Ricci’s character in Matrix 4

1625075143 They filter the identity of Christina Riccis character in Matrix

The official cast of Matrix 4 was recently confirmed, where the participation of Christina Ricci stood out and now we know more details about her character.

Attention SPOILERS. Know the identity of Christina Ricci on Matrix 4, causes many details of the plot of this film to be revealed. But above all we can deduce what this world will be like after the events of the original trilogy that premiered almost 20 years ago.

According to the leak, the character of Christina Ricci on Matrix 4 is a representative of the film studio called Warner Bros. She is also the head of the game company where the character of Keanu Reeves. Based on this information, Matrix 4 it’s going to be a movie with a lot of meta elements. The character of Keanu Reeves (NEO / Thomas Anderson) will be working for Warner, the same studio that makes the movies. Which means that it will give audiences a chance to become more self-aware and realize that the movie says NEO now lives in our real world, the world where the studio for this very movie exists.

What will the movie be about?

As it has been revealed, Matrix 4 It will be set about 60 years after the final events of the original trilogy. Machines and humans are no longer at war. So if someone can wake up from the Matrix, they don’t risk being eliminated. NEO lives in the simulation and it looks like it will work for Warner Bros. What’s more Trinity she will have a family and it will be NEO who convinces her that she must exit the simulation. Although the Agent Smith, it will once again be a threat and the balance of peace between people and machines is about to be broken again.

We will know all the information when it opens on December 17, 2021. Hopefully they will soon present us with a trailer of Matrix 4 and thus give more hint of what they have prepared.