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It was one of the bomb news of last week. Warner canceled the Batgirl movie after spending more than 90 million in it and made the decision not to release it even on HBO Max. The producer removed any responsibility from Leslie Grace, the leading actress who was going to give life to Barbara Gordon (“Grace is an incredible and talented actress and this decision not due to your interpretation“), but did not provide much further explanation. In a brief statement, the company only said the following “Batgirl was not reflecting the leadership and strategy we seek when it comes to the DC Universe.

The rumors have happened in the last days in all directions. From those who speak of some “disastrous” first test passes and point out that the quality of the tape was quite poor (being generous), even those who say the opposite. Kevin Smith, for example, the film director behind Clerks and his multiverse, has charged against Warner for the decision and assured that “even if it was dog shitand I guarantee you it wasn’t, should have seen the light. Its directors also did a couple of episodes of Ms Marvel and they were wonderful. Imagine what they would have done with Batgirl, for which they had more money.”

We will never know who is right and what the final result was going to be, but some of the footage shot for Batgirl has already begun to leak and allows us to imagine where the shots were going. What do you think about it? Is it bad enough to cancel the movie?

The film’s directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, have been shown devastated by the situation in a letter Shared through your social networks. “We are saddened and so shocked by the news that we still can’t believe it. The film was far from finished, but we would have liked the opportunity to finish our work and show it to the viewers“.

In the tape, Batgirl was going to face the firefly arsonist, one of the great villains of the DC factory, who Brendan Fraser (The Mummy, George of the Jungle) was going to play. he was also confirmed the presence of Keaton’s Batmanwhom we will have to wait until the flash movie to see him in action again.

HBO merges with Discovery+

These convulsive movements come from the structural change that HBO is experiencing, in full merger with Discovery+. The contents of the platform are going to be affected and there will not only be multiple cancellations along the waybut, for example, Warner news will no longer premiere on HBO Maxor at least at the pace they were going now (some 45 days after its release in theaters). For now, we will have to go day by day to find out which projects are going ahead and which are not. This morning we woke up, without going any further, with the Green Lantern live-action series keeps the green light (pun intended).

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They filter footage of the Batgirl movie, was it bad enough to cancel it? – FreeGameTips