They create a spectacular Jurassic Park first-person shooter in Dreams

We have no doubt that dreams is one of the best and most accessible game creation tools. Players of this exclusive PS4 title developed by Media Molecule have shown that it is possible recreate iconic scenes of some of the most striking works on the market, in addition to trace scenes of films like the iconic Jurassic Park. And since we are with the science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg, the first trailer of Jurassic Park Operationsan FPS set in the universe of the first film that is being developed entirely in dreams.

Genetic Games, the user team that is working on this title based on the Jurassic saga, is not associated with Universal Pictures, so it is an entirely fan project. As we can see in this first look, most of the locations of the original film are represented with care and impressive attention to detail, especially considering that it is a small team of franchise lovers. Also, it seems that the title will have a wide variety of situations Judging by the scenes in the trailer, which show us both a relaxing canoe ride and an intense T-Rex chase.

A tool with endless possibilities

“The chances are practically unlimited, and while making one of these awesome things is difficult and requires talent, as many barriers as possible have been removed to make it easy for anyone to create. The story, while short, is magnificent, reminding us that it’s about time Media Molecule made another traditional game, and the amount of content available now makes it a must-have for anyone who enjoys these little projects.” in our complete analysis.

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They create a spectacular Jurassic Park first-person shooter in Dreams