They confirm what will be the fate of Sprite, from The Eternals

The Eternals called for diversity. Sprite, one of its most iconic characters, will have a curious destiny. The film’s writer confirms it.

The Eternals, the new movie of Marvel Studios, broadened the mythological spectrum of UCM in huge proportions. In addition, the film introduced many new characters, including the main group of superheroes, which claims to be more powerful than much of what has already been seen.

In history, there was one of these beings that attracted attention powerfully, because it was different from all the others in a great way. Is about Sprite (Lia McHugh), who was designed by the celestial Arishem in the form of a girl. For this reason, he suffers from great complexes, since despite living eternally, he cannot have a mature social interaction.

In this way, on the outcome of the feature film, Sersi He grants her wish and turns her into a normal person. But … what will become of Sprite? Well, to clear the doubt, the delivery writer, Case Firpo, revealed what his future will be.

«From what we’ve always considered, what makes an Eternal an Eternal is that ability to tap into Celestial energy, and essentially what Sersi has done is remove that ability. She has taken that generator from him. So now she is, as far as we know, a mortal who will grow old and grow, and live as one of us truly, and she doesn’t have that magical ability. She does not have those illusions that can make her live a different life. So as far as we’re concerned, she’s flesh and blood«, Mentioned the creative.

Thus, Los Eternos is now available in theaters. In addition, more information about its premiere is expected in Disney+, as well as the launch of some spin-offs and sequels that are already on the studio’s table. It is possible that the character in question will continue to develop in one of these projects.

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They confirm what will be the fate of Sprite, from The Eternals