They auctioned the Wilson ball from the movie “Náufrago”: the ridiculous amount of money they paid for it

It was in the year 2000, when the movie was released “Castaway” (in English: “Cast Away”) and became one of the great films of the credit of Tom Hanks as protagonist. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the plot follows the experiences of Chuck Noland, who was the only survivor of a plane crash.

The character played by the actor who is currently 66 years old, worked at the FedEx company and had to face the challenge of surviving for four years on an island in the Pacific Ocean. One of the symbols of that survival, totally connected with loneliness and the need to interact with someone, typical of humans, was his “friend”: Wilson.

Tom Hanks in “Cast Away.” Source: Instagram

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Wilson! Wilson! Wilson!” says the “castaway” in an extreme situation, wanting to recover the object that accompanied him for a long time and that he called that way: a volleyball. The ball was painted with his blood and became his only company. Nowadays, this object became very valuable and was thus demonstrated at auction.

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Various “Wilsons”

Through Propstore, “Wilson” it was purchased for $85,239. According to the auction site, the ball was “intentionally aged with a dark brown ‘face’.” Although in the movie she starred in Tom Hanks a single ball was seen, Propstore CEO Stephen Lane told Bloomberg that there were several of the same objects because they had to recreate the passage of time in Chuck Noland’s “sidekick.”

Last year it was also auctioned in Propstore to “Wilson”, but its version with tobacco stems as hair. This ball was sold for 308 thousand dollars. On that occasion, the object was very worn and had been painted with more material to create a “dirty” appearance at the time. In addition, within the characteristics mentioned, the ball had also been exposed to water for a long time, in the filming of the film that received an award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, for “Best Inanimate Object”. Yes, “Wilson”, in addition to accompanying a “Castaway”, was awarded in the film industry.

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They auctioned the Wilson ball from the movie “Náufrago”: the ridiculous amount of money they paid for it