They ask that Jamie Costa be Robin Williams thanks to a performance that has gone viral

He gave us hours and hours of laughter. From Jumanji even crazy Seora Doubtfire. But it also made us excited about Dead poets society, Hook O Patch Adams. The name of Robin Williams is one that has been burned into our memory, and this week it has been more than present: all thanks to Jamie Costa and his incredible portrayal as Williams in a video titled ROBIN. The video has turned to social networks and they are already asking that, if a biopic of Williams is made, Costa is the one to lead the cast.

Costa becomes Robin Williams

In the clip we can see Williams in his dressing room, talking enthusiastically about future projects … when they arrive to give him some bad news: the death of John Belushi in March 82 due to an overdose. Williams and Belushi share a great friendship and, in fact, Williams was with him the night of his death. At that moment we can see how Costa brings to light that more human and real side of Williams, completely removed from the cheerful and carefree side that he always showed before the cameras.

The gestures of his face and his hands, that way of speaking as if he had been wound up, the energy and even the facial features that Costa presents in his interpretation of Williams have already made the video count. over 2 million views on YouTube, with more than 65,000 likes on the platform. As we say, Costa shows that he knows how to interpret both the bright side of Williams and his darker and more emotional side, managing to catch us in the 5 minutes that the clip lasts as if we were really watching Williams.

“Someone hire Jamie Costa right now to play Robin Williams”

Someone hire Jamie Costa right now to play Robin Williams. Make a biopic. This is just amazing, “write James LaPorta on Twitter by sharing an excerpt from the video that we have left on these lines. At the same time, @PardonMeImBlunt Adds: “I don’t usually get goosebumps over something so weird, but this is a magical footage, even when she just says ‘no’ sadly, the resemblance is more than remarkable. If you make a biopic with Jamie Costa Like Robin Williams, can you get a great script and director to do it justice? “

Carries Robin’s heart and humor gracefully. Jamie simply has to play Robin in a biopic, no one else. Take note, Hollywood, “the user also pointed out. Ashley Karp. “This was not a characterization, it was more than that,” the account also pointed out. @sufferillusions. At the moment, we do not know if this project will translate into something else … but we will be vigilant.

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