These are the premieres of Movistar Plus + for the month of May

In the offer that arrives next May we are going to find films literally for all tastes or all audiences. Among the most outstanding films are ‘El Buen Patrón’, the winning film of the Goya 2022 for the best film or Pleasure, a crude film that triumphed at festivals such as Sundance. below you can see all premieres sorted by order of arrival to the Movistar operator platform.

Halloween Kills

This film was released just a few months ago, and marks the return of one of the most storied horror franchises in cinema. Although more films starring the killer michael myersthis Halloween Kills is very special, since it is the direct sequel to the first film in the saga.

The protagonist of the tape returns to be Jamie Lee Curtis, who reprises the same character 40 years later. A horror movie that is very worthwhile, and in which we will see the murderer behind that terrifying mask commit a horrible massacre.

Available from May 6.

south of heaven

Movie starring Jason Sudeikis and Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Antman). This film has a very calm and leisurely beginning, almost as if it were a story of drama and romance. However, the film knows how to surprise us very well to keep us glued to the screen, and in fact ends up being a very intense action thriller.

To the south of the sky - Movistar Plus +The role played by Jason Sudeikis It clashes a lot with what the actor has accustomed us to (which is pure comedy), playing a man who is sentenced to spend several years in prison for having committed an armed robbery.

Available from May 7.

mom or dad

We left a little behind two movies with ‘Mom or Dad’, a very naughty Spanish comedy. In it we can see Paco León (Arde Madrid) and Miren Ibarguen trying to be those modern parents that every child would like to have.

Mom or Dad- Movistar Plus+

Although they lead a most idyllic family life, everything begins to go wrong when both decide to divorce and the job opportunity of a lifetime appears, one that they cannot refuse. Here it will start with a race between the two to see who gets to keep the children, and it’s a race that neither wants to win.

Available from May 13.


Film directed by the Swedish director Ninja Thyberg, who gives free rein to her imagination after several years of research to expand what she herself created in 2013 with a short film of the same name. Its passage through festivals such as Sundance or the British Independent Film Awards was a success.

Pleasure - Movistar Plus+

The film tells us the story of a young woman who decides to dedicate herself to the world of adult cinema, and how is his preparation process to shoot the first film of his career. The protagonist of the film is Sofía Kappel, a debutant in the cinema who manages to play a memorable role.

Available from May 17.

years of drought

Actor Eric Bana (who once played the Hulk) takes on the role of an Australian federal agent who must deal with the prejudices of the inhabitants of his hometownand who returns to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, who is accused of committing suicide after killing his wife and son.

Years of drought - Movistar Plus +

Years of drought is an authentic dramatic thriller that will take us to continuously live the events that the character played by Eric Bana experienced during his adolescence, which motivate that animosity that the inhabitants of his hometown have. Do not miss it.

Available from May 20.


Supernova is one of those dramas that leave their mark. It tells the story of an elderly couple who are struggling to cope with the premature dementia of one of them. A love story that shows in a very tender way how a strong love must overcome a very difficult illness.

Supernova - Movistar Plus+

The stars of the film are Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) and Stanley Tucci (Fortune), two true titans of acting, and that this film show all his talent. The film was presented at the San Sebastian Festival.

Available from May 21.

Petite Maman

This moving story is centered on the journey of a little girl after losing her grandmother. Children do not mourn in the same way as adults, and in this case we will see how the 8-year-old Nelly overcomes this loss.

Petite Maman - Movistar Plus+

Director Céline Sciamma has created a very good film after “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”, thanks to a superb job with a very well done script and a staging with a very good level of photography.

Available from May 24.

the good boss

One of the best Spanish films that we have received in recent years, written and directed by the great Fernando León de Aranoa. It is a comedy with very black and acid overtones where we will see Javier Bardem give life to the director of a company so he will be able to do everything.

The good boss - Movistar Plus+

The film is quite an award winner, and is that behind his back he has 5 Goya awards (among which are included the best film and best actor), three Feroz awards and two Forqué. In addition, she was the Spanish representative in the last Oscar awards.

Available from May 27.

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These are the premieres of Movistar Plus + for the month of May