These are the PHOTOS that show that Silvia Pinal had the best curves of the Cine de Oro

Withinl Cine de Oro in Mexico, various personalities shone and they triumphed on the international scene due to his success and his audacity to convey stories through the movies in those years.

In addition to the fact that at this time there were great actors and actresses, who in addition to being talented, also enjoyed a beauty and style that graced the screen great, such is the case of stars like María Félix, Miroslava Stern or Silvia Pinal, and precisely the latter got all the attention because of her sensuality and talent.

Silvia Pinal, a great diva of Mexican cinema

For no one is a secret that Silvia Pinal is considered one of the great divas of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, and in addition to dozens of films and productions, Silvia Pinal It also has in its legacy the formation of the Pinal Dynasty, which is made up of a chain of talents ranging from their daughters, Alejandra Guzman, even his granddaughter Frida sofia or his great-granddaughter Michelle Salas.

Even though she is now a woman of the senior citizens, The truth is that this does not stop it, so it is constantly seen in front of the reflectors and continues in force before the cameras of the show, showing like a happy woman in her 90s.

Silvia Pinal, a beautiful and talented actress

It is worth remembering that actress who was born on September 12, 1931 in Guaymas, Sonora immediately stood out on the big screen due to its beauty and his talent to share emotions through the big screen.

It is against this background that it is easy to understand how her success led her to star in iconic film roles, in addition to sharing credits with international figures such as Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, Pedro Infante, Carmen Montejo and Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”; In addition, Pinal became a muse for the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel.

The photos that prove that she had the best curves of the Cine de Oro

It was thanks to his talent, sympathy and beauty that Silvia Pinal also consolidated as an important businesswoman, Mexican politician and producer.

Let us remember that Pinal began his career in the theater and for the year 1949 he ventured into film and television; since then the famous one is also characterized by the love a his family.

It is worth remembering that his life and his journey to fame was not easy at all, since Pinal’s life was full of complications and troubles, starting by her father, who did not recognize her from righ now because she was conceived outside the marriage of Don Moisés Pasquel, who did not want to have contact with Silvia during 11 years.

However, the controversies and moments hard in her life have been left behind, this because she has confessed on several occasions that being an actress gave her the most experiences pleasant of his life, But in addition to being an actress, the famous woman was also a model, and these are the photographs that show that Silvia Pinal had the best curves on the big screen at the Cine de Oro in Mexico.


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These are the PHOTOS that show that Silvia Pinal had the best curves of the Cine de Oro