These are the PHOTOS that show that Lilia Prado had the most fitness body in the Cine de Oro

From 1936 to 1959 there was one of the most prolific for the artistic guild in Mexico, specifically within the seventh art, because during this time course, Mexican cinema was consolidated as the epicenter commercial cinema in Latin America, and was recognized on an international level.

Within this remarkable era, miscellaneous personalities of mexican cinema and they triumphed on the international scene due to their success and their audacity to transmit stories through the big screen in those years.

At this time there were great actors and actresses, who in addition to being talented, also enjoyed a beauty and style that graced the big screen, such is the case of stars like María Félix, Miroslava Stern o Silvia Pinal, and precisely to this list joins Lilia Prado, who took all the attention because it entered prominently in this list of successful and beautiful actresses.

Lilia Prado and her career in the Cine de Oro

Leticia Lilia Amezcua Prado, better known only as Lilia Prado, I know immortalized as an icon of beauty of that time, this mainly because she was an actress who stood out specifically for her sensuality and character seductive.

And precisely this conception that they had towards Lilia Prado as an actress sensual was consolidated after his work with the director Luis Buñuel.

And it was precisely the Spanish film director who invited the famous to act in one of his films, where without know it, the Mexican actress would have this recognition of femme fatale with her participation in the love “Ascent to heaven”, winner of the Prize from critics to the best avant-garde film in the Cannes Film Festival in 1952.

Lilia Prado and her statuesque body

It is worth remembering that Lilia began her career within the who in the rumberas movies, the same ones in which she stood out because her beauty, vitality and sympathy were such that in a short time, more and more was a actress known internationally.

On several occasions she confessed that she liked to keep her body in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, so she exercised and took care of her feeding, to such a degree that he came to have a body more fitness of the golden cinema.

The posters to promote her feature films always alluded to her contoured body, but it was until she arrived in Cannes that the international press declared her “the most sensual of Latin American cinema ”.