These are the most loved and famous GAY and LESBIAN couples on Netflix

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We are in the month of June which is dedicated to the community LGBTTTIQA + which is commemorated to promote equality and tolerance to the community, however, it is the June 28th is the formal day to celebrate the community.

Now, fortunately it is increasingly common to see movies, series and even soap operas with themes of couples of the same sex, that is why in commemoration of the month dedicated to the community we present you the most memorable couples of Netflix.

Modern Family

Without a doubt the couple formed between Cam y Mitchel of this series are a great example of family conciliation between homosexuals.

Grey Anatomy

Cally is bisexual and Arizona It is perfectly well defined that he likes ladies, and although throughout the series they have had their good and bad moments (like any couple) they have become the favorites of the fans of this series.

Shadow Hunters

After many battles (lost and won) Magnus a powerful witch falls in love with Alec a shadowhunter (Shadowhunter), and although their worlds are facing each other, their love is greater than many prejudices.

The Cable Girls

Carlota and Sara they fight against all the prejudices of the 20s in Spain where living a love with theirs is not frowned upon, so these characters pay homage to all those couples homosexuals of bygone ages when they couldn’t go out into the world and freely cry out their love.


Ander and Omar, although initially to Other It was difficult for him to accept his homosexuality, the truth is that they have become one of the favorite gay couples of all time because they show that love comes regardless gender and social condition.

In this same series in this fourth season which has just been released recently, a new gay couple arrived that has made more than one sigh. “Rebeka and Mencía”.

And is that Rebecca like Other she was not prepared to find true love in a woman so it was difficult for her to accept that she fell in love with her classmate MencíaHowever, he did not care about anything and bet everything for her and her love.

The Lord of the heavens

Yes, as you read it, in this series there are also two same-sex couples, a gay one that is the one that has caused the most controversy because it is played by “The President of Mexico” Omar Terán (Jesus Moré) Y Jaime Ernesto (Alan Slim) who is a Governor.

In addition to this controversial couple, there is also the one made up of Juana Arias who gives life to Kashi a teacher and Milena who gives life Stalin’s Glory, although in the series they assassinate Kashi Milena’s character follows.

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