These are the forceful words of Jean Carlo Simancas

The first actor Jean Carlo Simancas offered some forceful words at the presentation of the play “Nobody takes it from my fat man” by actress Mimi Lazo, in Caracas.

In the middle of his presentation, he took the opportunity to talk about his relationship with the leading actress, for whom he was disrespected several times and this was the occasion to clarify many things that had not been said.

“Mimí and I made a very beautiful novel by Pilar Romero, ‘Black Friday’. Mimi was a very studious woman and I suddenly told the channel: ‘She is the protagonist of the soap opera’; Of course, for the channels, she was simply the sexy one who took the protagonist to bed, but both Pilar and I saw more, much more in her, and we bet and won. I got her different roles and plays… Where I was, she was.”

Likewise, Jean Carlo Simancas emphasized that he was not going to lend himself to the “morbid” show of selling their love relationship. “Mimí, forgive me, but I’m not going to play this, because in our six-year relationship there were too many good, beautiful things to market and sell tickets with lies and half-truths,” said the first actor, assuring that when he couldn’t getting him the lead role in “La Revancha”, as the actress asked, she kicked him out of the house and ended the relationship.

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“Something beautiful called dignity”

In the speech, in addition to talking about his relationship with the actress, he also highlighted the situation that the actors are currently experiencing in Venezuela, where many, to reach a month, do “maneuvers, juggle in front of the Tik Tok screens to get more likes or more followers”, an act that he sees with great sadness, affirming that years ago the artists lived from their art and their work.

When talking about the Venezuela of before, he also emphasized that the press or some editorial lines highlighted the artists, but “now we are the ones who attack each other, the artists have become our worst enemies,” were some of the words of the heartthrob from America, to which the theater came to applause.

Maye Brandt Case

He also spoke a few words about his late wife Maye Brandt, who until now had not spoken about this unfortunate event. “When my wife died there was a terrible campaign against me, but a miracle happened, the actors here know it’s true,” she began to remember.

“For the first time in history, all the actors and actresses came together as a family to boycott abuse and injustice, and I wonder: what would happen right now if a partner, God bless us, the same thing happens to him, who would defend us if we are the ones who attack our own privacy? Because if we destroy everything beautiful that we live by manipulating our miseries to gain followers, we also destroy something beautiful called dignity, ”he continued.

It should be noted that Mimi Lazo’s team, realizing that the actor Jean Carlo Simancas was not flattering as the actress thought and saw that the issue was telling her truth, tried to sabotage the actor’s words, but the public always remained attentive and respectful.

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These are the forceful words of Jean Carlo Simancas