These are the five most famous films of Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”

a September 19th but from 1915 he was born in the Mexico City Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés y Castillo, known artistically as “Tin Tan”, a character who left a cultural and cinematographic legacy.

Germán Valdés “Tin Tan” is one of the idols of the who, and it is that with his comic style managed to put on screen issues such as social injustice, corruption, impunity and devaluation of the currency, just to mention a few.

The actor always had a very peculiar style, a baggy pants, a collared shirt, tie, raincoat and a hat with a large feather, but above all a mustache for which he was always characterized.

To commemorate your birthday and his life in the golden age of Mexican cinema, here 5 films by Germán Valdés, “Tin Tan”.

Young zucchini in 1949

This is one of the main tapes of “Tin Tan” and above all a must-see in the artist’s career, it is a mischievous comedy, the actor plays a low-class musician, where he seeks to survive in the best or worst way.

The king of the neighborhood in 1950

For many film specialists, this film It is the most distinctive of the actor, and they even mention that it defined his image and made him better known, it also inspired viewers to learn about the culture of “Pachuco”. In this film, he played a millionaire women scammer.

The Jungle Book in 1967

“Tin Tan” worked hand in hand with Disney on several occasions, but without a doubt the most valued project was “The Jungle Book”, where he presented his voice for the character “Oso Baloo”.

What happened to Samson in 1955

Germán Valdés played the strongest man in the human mythology, this film is a period satire and an invitation to question all the history that was preached.

The Skunk Mark in 1950

He plays father and son, something that was very usual and a novelty at the time, as other actors also developed this technique, including Pedro Infante in the film “The Three Huastecos”.

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