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The popular American media MovieWeb, which compiles news from the world of entertainment and an extensive database of the film industry, published an article with the best science fiction anime movies, which became a trend in commentary forums in Japan. The introduction wrote:

  • «Anime is a perfect medium to bring imaginative science fiction to life. The freedom offered by drawn images (as opposed to live action) allows you to create sci-fi worlds without the need to build huge sets or resort to cheap-looking CGI. The limitations of live action disappear when working with animation, although animation can be just as costly and time-consuming. Although there are many movies that mix anime with science fiction, some of them stand above the rest. These are the films that define the medium, break expectations and stand the test of time. Let’s look at six of the best examples of sci-fi anime cinema, ranked.».

Below we present the list in question, accompanied by a fragment of the text published by the media explaining the reason for its decision:

  • 6. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001): It’s a very bombastic and unfunny movie, but it fits perfectly with the atmosphere and theme of the last few episodes of Cowboy Bebop.
  • 5. Paprika (2006): Paprika is visually and conceptually stunning, with a colorful dream-world aesthetic and a story that inspired Christopher Nolan’s 2009 film Inception, according to Hollywood Insider.
  • 4. The End of Evangelion (1997): For those willing to grapple with the complex symbology of End of Evangelion (and willing to commit to a second viewing), it stands as the best piece of the franchise and one of the best works of sci-fi animation produced to date. .
  • 3. Tenshi no Tamago (Angel’s Egg) (1985): At first glance, it seems like a simple story of a girl living in a desolate sci-fi landscape who just wants to protect a giant egg that she keeps hidden in the folds of her dress. Oshii leaves it up to the viewer to determine what really happens, but that’s part of what makes her so compelling.
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  • 2.Ghost in the Shell (nineteen ninety five): Mamoru Oshii’s brilliant cyberpunk thriller Ghost in the Shell radically changed the media landscape when it was released in 1995. According to Vox, subsequent films that defined the medium, such as The Matrix, were inspired by his philosophical musings and neo-noir aesthetic.
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  • 1.Akira (1988): Akira is perhaps the most influential anime film in history. When it was released in 1988, its stunning visuals, complex story, and visionary soundtrack stunned the world.
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These are the best science fiction anime movies — Kudasai