These 10 witch movies are perfect to watch as a family

October is the month of Halloween and the month of terrifying characters. Even if you don’t want to be scared, there are some witches who have marked the history of cinema and today we compile 10 witch movies that you can watch these days to celebrate a few different weeks of magic, tricks, special effects and many spells.

Whether you want to do a family movie session or if you want to see some of your childhood classicsthese witch movies are ideal.

the rookie witch

One of the great movie classics is “The Rookie Witch” which is now part of the Disney + nostalgia collection. Launched in 1971 with the intention of having a plan B if Mary Poppins failed, both became a big success and I’m sure you’ve seen them. It tells us the story of Eglantine Price, a woman who will take in three children in times of World War II. But she is not just any woman but a witch who learns through correspondence classes. When the children discover her secret, they must travel together in search of the spell that will end the war.

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Nicky the Witch’s Apprentice

Hayao Mizayaki directed in the late eighties this Studio Ghibli tape which follows a thirteen-year-old girl who fulfills the tradition: the witcheswhen they reach this age, they should seek a city where your services are needed. This is how she will do it mounted on her flying broom and together with her black cat. Nicky will set up her own messaging service in one of the best anime movies you can watch on Netflix.

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The Wizard of Oz

Some of the best-known witches in cinema can be found by following the yellow brick road with Dorothy and the others. “The wizard of oz” is one of the classics of cinema, played by Judy Garland and released in the thirties but still a movie that we can see again. Dorothy lives on her uncle’s ranch. with his dog Totó until he travels somewhere “beyond the rainbow.”

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Wizard of Oz

earwig and the witch

This Netflix animated movie is an alternative if you want to watch cartoons but something you haven’t seen before. a japanese movie which tells us the story of a little girl who lives in an orphanage but, after being adopted by a selfish witch, she will discover that she has powers.

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Anne Hathaway stars in this teen and family comedy as Ella. She is a young woman who lives in a magical and fantasy world where everyone they have a gift or a power when they are born. Yours is the obedience. More than a gift, a punishment. She cannot refuse anything and will try to rebel to be free and learn to say no to everything that is asked of her.

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the return of the witches

One of the Disney classics if we look for witch movies and tells us the story of three 300-year-old witches who are preparing to cast a spell on the city reclaiming their youth. The three protagonist witches have been inadvertently summoned 300 years after having been turned into cats and now they have returned to get to be young forever. But they must get it before dawn.

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Maleficent is also a witch and is one of the must see movies on netflix if we are looking for an ideal title to watch in October. We can see the original film but also its sequels. Starring Angelina Jolie, it tells us the story of the character from “Sleeping Beauty”. Although she was the one in charge of casting a spell on Princess Aurora when she was born, Maleficent hides a story and knows that she is the only girl who can achieve peace.

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Super Witch Kika and the Book of Spells

Based on the novels with the same name, “Kika the Super Witch and the Book of Spells” is a family film in which we will learn the story of Kika, an ordinary girl who begins to live surprising adventures together with her dragon Hector when she finds a Magic Book. She has been chosen as the new “Super Witch”.

In addition, we can see other films with the same protagonist.

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Although she is not a witch as such, she cannot be missing from this list “Matilda” if we want a family movie session. A curious, intelligent girl who loves books. But her family treats her badly and she is tired of suffering their comments and punishments when she discovers that she has telekinetic powers that she can use for good.

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These 10 witch movies are perfect to watch as a family