There is no spoon: This is what the “spoon boy” from ‘The Matrix’ looks like today

The Matrix (1999) is full of iconic scenes and concepts that are now part of popular culture. Trinity suspendida in the air in the opening sequence; Neo taking the red pill in the reflection of Morpheus’s glasses; the Chosen One dodging bullets on a roof. Actually, the two hours and 16 minutes of film is memorable in each of its scenes.

So we will focus on one of the most popular parts of The Matrix Not only are they representative of the film’s narrative, but they confused the audience, which is why we remember it quite well. It is about the moment that Neo shares with one of the Potentials who are baho in the shelter of the Oracle: the spoon boy or the spoon boy.

The spoon boy from ‘The Matrix’ (1999) / Photo: IMdB

The boy with the spoon

Surely you already remember. Neo goes with the Oracle in the company of Morpheus. One of the women in the department asks you to wait in the room where there are some Potentials, that is, boys and girls who rejected the Matrix or in other words, are semi-awake between simulation and truth / reality.

While some girls are maneuvering wooden cubes in the air, the boy is “twisting” metal spoons just by looking at them. Neo looks at him and the boy gives him a spoon. Then, he tells you not to try to fold it because it is impossible. Instead try to see the truth“. And what is that truth? “The spoon does not exist“.

As we told them, is one of the most popular scenes in The Matrix. From what we were thinking, excited about the premiere of The Matrix ResurrectionsWhat has become of the boy with the spoon and what will he look like today?

Rowan Witt

The spoon boy was played by Rowan Witt, an Asutralian actor of television, cinema and theater that had its first credits in the decade of the 90. Of course, its most popular character was in The Matrix of the Wachowski sisters, and that same year she starred in the film adaptation of Somewhere in the Darkness.

A not very well known fact is that Witt tried to become one of the most popular characters (equal to or more than Neo), in the cinema. In 2000, the actor auditioned to star in the film adaptation of Harry Potter. In fact, he reached the final stretch along with Daniel Radcliffe and two other children, but the British actor won and well … the rest is history. He was so close to getting the part, that he was the only non-British actor to be traveled to London for a camera test. They imagine?

Thereafter, He entered the theater fully between musicals and staging. One of his most popular appearances was in Into the Woods where he gave life to the character of Jack. Currently, Rowan Witt is one of the best known theater actors in his country. So here we leave you how it looks today compared to its little more than 10 years in The Matrix.

The Matrix

Rowan Witt, the spoon boy in ‘The Matrix’ in 1999 and a photo from 2019 / Photo: Getty Images

Rowan Witt

Rowan Witt / Foto: Getty Images

The Matrix Resurrections

December 22 opens The Matrix Resurrections, a sequel to the first installment of The Matrix Directed by Lana Wahowski and marking the return of Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson/Neo, Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity, Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe alongside new characters played by Priyanka Chopra, Eréndira Ibarra, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris, Jonathan Groff and more. HERE Funko Pop figures.

There are several theories about what we will see in The Matrix Resurrections, but if something is certain (or at least the fans are crying out for it), it is that some Potentials appear like the boy with the spoon. The reason? In the first trailer for this tape, (HERE we leave them to you), we see Thomas Anderson in the Matrix. He is confused, because he usually has dreams that are not recognized as such where he discovers that everything seems to be a simulation.

The Matrix: Resurrections

Imagen de ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ / Foto: Warner Bros

As we told them, Potentials are people who can exist in both worlds, but not in the same way as Neo, Trinity or Morpheus. They have not yet fully awakened, but they are not ignorant of part of the truth and reality. Therefore, are capable of altering some aspects of the system like the spoon theme or floating wooden cubes. Under the training of the Oracle, they acquire some other qualities.

In theory, between what happened in The Matrix and The Matrix Revolutions, Neo gets involved with the Potentials. So they could be an important part of Resurrections. The phrase of the boy with the spoon is what defines the events in the first installment and gives Neo the confidence to become the Chosen One. (when he must save Morpheus from the agents). So hopefully we see some of that in this new installment.

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There is no spoon: This is what the “spoon boy” from ‘The Matrix’ looks like today